Justitia was always somewhat blind and often an outright prostitute. Often, she could be purchased with money or favors. There is -a justice for the rich and a justice for the poor. Her touch is at times as gentle as the blow of a meat axe. Often, she is drunkand mumbles and fumbles incoherently. When she becomes perverted, as during the latter Roman Empire, or during the aegis of Adolph Hitler's Third Reich, she becomes as the whore of Babylon. She is bare breasted, wears garters and net stockings and has spread her legs to receive corruption. She sits on a bloody sword and, in her hand, she holds a bloody meat axe. She is blind and cannot see which way the scale goes. She is also drunk, for the letters above her say: "IN WINE IS TRUTH". Money and jewels are thrown at her feet and below, we see the famous horse of the depraved Byzantine Empress, Messalina.


Deadly danger. A nasty law suit. The lawyers shall take you to the cleaners. Danger of a loss of money and property. Unjust and vicious judges, false witnesses and corrupt lawyers. Avoid a law suit. Settle out of court. The man with the money usually wins the case. Telling the whole truth is not essentially wise.