(THE GURU) The Guru is a religious recluse. He dedicates his life to deciphering the sacred book of nature, per se, and finally of the mysterious depths of human nature. Nature was always regarded by the sages as the book of everlasting wisdom. The sages always regarded human nature as the book of divine wisdom. For human nature, the human blood and the human genes feature the wisdom and intuitions of countless ages.

The Guru understands the language of the elements, of beasts and plants, of the human blood and the human genes by pure intuition. He is a master of brewing libations of initiation. He has a deep understanding of the language of the human spirit and the human soul.

Here he stands in the cave in the sacred mount of wisdom. He is conducting the hieros gamos, the sacred marriage between spirit and soul. Above him is the symbol of the ancient star dynasty of Mesopotamia. The sun is the left indicates that the sage is also a Sun initiate, an initiate of the sublime wisdom and sciences of the Atlantean sun dynasty. Below is the serpent of initiation, the Cobra , from whose venom, the libation is being distilled in a lengthy and complicated process. She is the symbol of Damballah, the electric serpent in the sky, of the sacred Kundalini Shakti, On the other side of the tree of man is the lizard, the symbol of the human unconsciousness. He represents the fires and the wisdom's of the depths. The canary represents two things: the silent Brahmanic (Vedic) bird that is featured in the Upanishads and yet, the joyous song of the human soul about to enter the sacred marriage with the human spirit; to attain unity and integration. The bird above is the spirit and the soul flying to the blessed land.


Initiation. Divine mysteries. Self realization. The birth of the new completely integrated man. Love is the highest point of wisdom. Love fulfilled. The essence of love. Good marrying prospects. Improvements in relationships. Complete joy and happiness. Elation. Coming home. Returning to the source of life. The birth of the divine man. Regeneration or resurrection of the human spirit and the human soul.