The tower of Babylon as known to biblical history, was a high Cigurrat, built from mud bricks. In the course of a prolonged period of rain, the mud bricks must have liquefied and the tower dissolved into a heap of mud.

Yet, the Sumero-Babylonian Cigurrat, as a piece of architecture, expresses a racial memory of an age of greatness long past, the age of the super civilization of Atlantis. These enormous concrete skyscrapers of Atlantis and Central America, of the great cities of today's Antarctica, of the pre-historical Gobi Desert, were destroyed at the end of that world age by pre-historical nuclear wars and cosmic catastrophes. This was an age when, according to the famous Pier Reis maps, earth satellites did circle the planet.



The horned beast is the symbol of the mutant sons of Seth. Their

central American empire had entered an alliance with the barbarian warlords of Mu against the Atlantean motherland. This dictatorship was somewhat akin to today's Soviet Union and finally crashed by the armies of Atlantis.


These are the Vimanas as described in the Maha Bharata, the ancient book of Indian history.


The tower is presented within a contemporary context of Lomonossov University in Moscow, the central training ground for KGB candidates and the perpetrators of worldwide guerilla warfare.


Your house, marriage, business, contract is about to crumble. Disastrous changes. Deception, doom, disaster and war. Disastrous developments, often brought about by your own foolishness. War and strife amongst partners or members of your own family. Political defeats. Loss of faith. Treason and back stabbing.