Once upon a time, many thousands of years ago, mankind created a castle on the moon. Ancient civilizations explored and partially mined the planets of the solar system, plus some of their satellites. There were huge earth satellites which mapped the planet Earth. The ancient Pier Reis Map, used by this famous Turkish Admiral, is one of the remnants of these pre-historical cartographic works. The authenticity of the map and the fact that it originated with an ancient super civilization was proven only recently, namely in the course of research programs, conducted during the last United Nations geological research year. At this time, it was discovered that Greenland consists of two islands, both connected by a layer of eternal ice. The nature of the Pier Reis Map indicates that it could only have been created from rows of satellite photographs.

Ever since mankind fell into the abyss of barbarism under the onslaught of cosmic catastrophes, an unconscious memory remained, the memory of a long past age of glory where men had created a golden city on the moon, a castle amongst the stars. The time is near when man shall once again have such a castle on the moon, fulfill ancient memories and reproduce the past.


Self conquest. Conquest of the inner and the outer cosmos. Talent for Engineering and technology. Fulfillment of an ancient dream. Recovery of lost property. Recovery of ancient wisdom.

Tibet is a practice of creating spirit within man and woman!