THREE OF CUPS               

The card features the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The Father is presented as the ancient Atlantean spaceman, the founder of the Solar dynasty of Atlantis. He later became Ra Harakte, the ancient Egyptian sun god and latter Ammon Ra and Aton.

To the left is the radiant blue star, the home world of the ancient solar dynasty. To the right is the ancient space craft that transported him to earth. The Holy Ghost is featured as the white dove holding in her claws, the serpent, the black Mambo of Africa. She is inserting her poison, a powerful hallucigene into the purple liquid of the final cup of initiation. The wings of the divine dove are decorated with roses, which indicate divine love and passion, which are the traditional vehicles for attaining access to the Holy Spirit, namely Para Bhakti Yoga. The dove, overpowering the serpent symbolizes the unity between higher and lower forces, white and black magic and the final victory of the human spirit over the dark chthonic forces of the collective unconscious. She symbolizes the union between the wisdom of the sun and the blue star on one side, and the wisdom of the abysmal waters of the depths of the east on the other side.

The child represents the royal prince of Atlantis, not yet an oxygen breather, the grandson of the original sun god from outer space. Both the blue star and the space ship are presented in front of the blazing sun, of which the blue star is a satellite.

The card features three cups of initiation. The cup that is filled with sunlight, the soma of the sun, the cup that is filled with the light of the blue star, the soma of the star and the cup that is filled with the purple blood of the ancient spacemen, the genetic soma of the race of the outer space gods. This last cup indicates that the supreme Soma is represented in the genes of the ancient space gods, that live on in the human blood and the human germ plasma. Some men are able to unlock this ancient genetic code and thereby gain access to infinite cosmic wisdom.

Consciousness expending libations were always used by spacemen of all ages to expand the consciousness of human beings, making them capable of telepathic communications. It is interesting to investigate in this regard, the origin of contemporary LSD. The laboratory in Switzerland concerned is by no means, responsible for inventing LSD. It is the opinion of the author that a careful examination of the records pertaining to the discovery of the process of distilling and synthesizing LSD took place under the indirect control of the members of a contemporary extraterrestrial research agency.


The card features the highest blessing by the forces that are the foundation of the world and the universe: namely, the blessing of God the Father, the blessing of Christ and the blessing of the Holy Ghost. These are the blessing of both the ancient sun initiates of Atlantis and the ancient star initiates of the Mesopotamian star dynasty.

Good luck is coming your way. Defeat turns into victory. Your problems shall be solved. You shall be liberated from oppressive situations, poverty and failure. You shall succeed in both the personal and the worldly spheres. Spiritual, mental and human growth. Initiation into the divine mysteries and the sacred sciences. Sudden insights, intuitions and revelations. Rebirth at the human and the spiritual levels. You shall attain integration and peace of mind.