This Grimoir and the attached space age Tarot set represent the first serious attempt made in history to decipher the Tarot, to extract age old messages to humanity, the heritage of ancient, long forgotten civilizations. This undertaking was inspired  by the latest findings of speculative archeology, of which Eric Von Daeniken was the first pioneer. Ancient mythology is being redefined within the context of modern space age technology and all the major implications given by contemporary scientific world civilization.

That the classic Tarot features coded messages has been known for ages, but only now, in the age of space travel and nuclear fission, are we equipped to conceive of the true nature of this monumentous message from super civilizations of mankind's ancient past. Let us use the technique of fiction: Let us assume that contemporary science would conclude today that, on account of changes in the biosphere, our present world civilization is doomed to destruction. In fact, several years ago, some of our time's foremost scientists stated this: "Massive pollution has caused irreversible processes of change within the biosphere that might threaten the survival of the human species within a few generations."

Such a destruction of a world civilization would be followed by ages of darkness and barbarism. Our contemporary world civilization would then desire to deliver a message to the men of the remote future who would be expected to decipher the message upon emerging from the ages of barbarism and degradation and generate a new scientific world civilization. The purpose of the message would be a severe forewarning addressed to the men of the future not to perform the same mistakes that led up to the destruction of the present world civilization.

With science disappearing, the arts of reading and writing would also disappear from amongst the few desperate survivors. Would not the creation of a set of symbolic pictures, namely Tarot Cards, be an ideal way of creating an effective time machine that would carry the message across the gulf of ten thousands of Years? Would not man's anxiety pertaining to his personal future Keep such a set of symbolic pictures in use for hundreds of  generations? Would that not be the only way, besides building architectural Monuments of the magnitude of the pyramids of Egypt and Central America to make sure that the message would be delivered and understood? Men of the future would speak a completely new language after sinking back to the level of a stone-age environment. Mysterious symbols would be the only means of delivering the message, warning them never to perform the same mistakes, for basic human nature never changes. The historical, and especially, the Egyptian Tarot feature that universal language of mysterious symbols. So also, does the I Ching, the so called "Chinese Book of Oracles". It is interesting to read in the introduction to the work that, ages ago, a sagacious Kin Wen of China, and the sages of his royal court foresaw the decline of their contemporary world civilization, their humanity sinking into an age of barbarism. They set out to deliver the science and the wisdom of their present world civilization, the golden age, of which all the great Chinese sages, men like Laotze and Menzius, men of caliber of Tschuangtze, repeatedly spoke to the men of the future. This is an undeniable fact of well researched history backed up by some of the world's most reputable literary sources.

It is also interesting to recall within this context the symbolic picture that scientists inserted into their space probes, featuring a man, a woman, a child and a number of mathematical equations. This was a contemporary attempt to communicate with extraterrestial civilizations, that was also made by British Radio Astronomers. The historical Tarot is a Time Machine. Through this time machine, men of the long forgotten super civilization of Atlantis, whose existence was verified in the works of literary giants of the rank of Plato, the Babylonian Historicall Berossus; conveyed their  message to us, the men of their remote future. They tell of  extraterrestial teachers, descending from the sky. They tell of genetic surgery, gene grafting, and the genetic mutation of the human species, of beast men being transformed into men in genetic laboratories. The Greek symbol of the centaur features this message. So do many of the god images of the Egyptians and the Mayas. They tell of prehistoric nuclear wars that destroyed great Civilizations and finally caused the ice ages and the various floods. Scientists today have discovered glassified sections in the Gobi desert that could have only been created by prehistoric nuclear Explosions. A soviet science expedition discovered  covered some years ago in Siberia, the skull of a Mammoth. In the centre of the forehead of the skull, they found a neat round hold that could only have been made by the impact of a high velocity projectile directed by a high powered instrument, such as a rifle. The only problem that baffled the scientists is that the Mammoth died some ten thousand years ago, at a time when there was supposedly no high powered weapons anywhere on earth. The Mahabharata, the ancient book of Indian History, tells of prehistoric wars, nuclear explosions, jet fighters and aeroplanes, called Vimanas. The time machine tells of ancient cosmic catastrophies that were, in our time, well researched and scientifically verified by none less that the Astronomer, Emmanuel Velikovski in his "Worlds in Collision".

Are we, in our present time, about to unlock the seal that guards the ancient tape recording? Are we about to decode the hidden message of the Tarot and the monuments of Antiquity? Are we about to create a new message, a new Tarot, to be delivered to the men of the remote future, warning them against performing the same mistakes that led up to the present environmental crisis, a crisis that might utterly destroy our present world civilization?

Occultists of many ages mutilated the message by projecting onto the Tarot, strange speculative symbols and Occult superstitions. Shall we succeed in removing all the dross of the ages and penetrate to the real message? The author is a very widely traveled man. Some years ago, he visited a remote area of an exotic country, where he came face to face with a strange and important archeological monument. In the course of his visit, he was approached by a group of natives, descendants of a once great civilization of Antiquity. After days of difficult climbing, his group reached a hidden valley by the sacred Mountain. "Upon resting, the natives took me to a spot by the base of the mountain where they removed a stone slab. We entered a perfectly symmetrical tunnel and, after several hours of walking through the tunnel, we finally climbed a staircase and found ourselves in a huge dome that was cut ages ago, into the bedrock. In the light of the torches, I saw the ancient Tarot, carved or burned into the basalt rock. The Tarot told of the time when the sun did rise in the West and the time to come, when the Sun shall rise in the West again. ( A few thousand years ago, a famous Greek philosopher was told about that terrible day by ancient Egyptian Temple priests, who stated that, in the history of ancient Egypt, there were several times when the sun rose in the West, and then in the East again, and that that would be a great secret of humanity.)