Man has set out to conquer the cosmos. Soon, American space probes will reach the moons of Jupiter. Deep space probes to Alpha Centaur shall follow. Man's conquest is based upon the science of Thoth, the god of Learning. Modern man must set out to find a synthesis between the human spirit and natural sciences. Man conquering the universe is the supreme expression of his creativity. In this conquest, men of today shall recover the glory of ancient Atlantis.

Hermes, a royal prince of the solar dynasty of Atlantis became the father of magic, medicine, astronomy, mathematics, of alchemy and writing. He is one of the great culture heros of humanity, the father of the magicians and the initiates. He is holding in his hands, the sun disc that turns counter-clockwise. This indicates that, through his sacred sciences, the sun initiate can gain access to the foundations of the universe, return to the moment of cosmic creation. The sun disc is held from above by Horus, the falcon god. he is the god of the rising sun. This makes the symbol a dynamic conjuction oppositorum, for through the sacred sciences of the god Horus, the initiate can travel forward in time on the vehicle of the sun which turns clockwise, and reach the end of the universe, the dissolution of the cosmos.


The king of the magicians and the initiates. the supreme psychopomp, (initiator). Inventor of writing, mathematics, astronomy, magic and Alchemy.


The sacred Ibis of the Egyptians, the inventor of the arts of reading and writing stands in his capacity of the god of learning on the space rocket.


The Falcon god, Horus, the god of the rising sun, the symbol of resurrection and rebirth, holds the sacred sun disc that gives life to the world.


The symbol of man's cosmic empire to be.


The complete cycle of the creation and the dissolution of the universe. Cosmic powers and cosmic wisdom of enormous magnitude. Reaching the goal. Enlightenment. Illumination. A higher wisdom shall be yours. Divine powers at work. The destiny of mankind. Science and technology. Secret magical sciences at work. Magic and psychic powers.

Art from Tibet is a practice of creating spirit within man and woman!