The Archangel Gabriel has his home in heaven. He is the angel of

Vengeance, whom the Father in heaven sends to punish transgressors. He punishes the Father's enemies with the thunder bold. Well, who in remote antiquity was able to live in heaven and had a laser gun?

The figure of Gabriel was a spaceman trouble-shooter, a member of an elite police corps that kept unruly barbarian chieftains in line with the will and the law of the space gods. Later, this function was taken over by Atlantean generals whose storm trooper elite police organization held the empire together.

Some of the ancient mystics describe the angels as beings with horns. These might have been the antennae on their space helmets. The horns of Moses are widely referred to in ancient manuscripts of mysticism. That the angels could fly on wings thousands of  years ago, indicates that they must have had some sort of airplane, for no archeologist ever discovered an ancient human skeleton with wings attached to it.


The "archangel1" is dressed in a blue space suit and surrounded by Six blue stars. This indicates that he is a member of the elite Police force of the Star dynasty of ancient Mesopotamia. He has just Descended from heaven on a mountain top. The earth is still covered with the waters of the flood and the great banks of fog that are rising from the waters.


The vengeance of God is coming upon the mighty and the wicked. You can deceive a court of law or cheat on a contract; you can hire crooked lawyers or the Mafia, but in the end, fate shall get you. You are about to face the incorruptible justice of God and you shall get exactly what you deserve, no more and no less.

Art from Tibet is a practice of creating spirit within man and woman!