This is the genie jumping out of the bottle. Ages ago, King Solomon Tricked this dangerous spirit into entering the bottle and then Sealed the bottle with his own seal. An innocent child found this Bottle by the shore of the deep ocean of the collective unconscious.

Breaking the seal, the child had a hard time escaping the Terrible Fate of being eaten by the evil spirit who was one of the dukes Of Hell. Isn't it the same story with modern space and nuclear Technology? Will we ever succeed at enticing the terrible nuclear demon back into the bottle and will we ever be able to seal the bottle for good?

The genie represents dangerous occult and nuclear knowledge, delivered unto us from ancient civilizations rising from within the depths of the collective unconscious. This terrible knowledge hidden within racial memory, sealed away by cosmic catastrophes and the effects of ancient nuclear wars and ages of barbarism is coming to the surface today. For modern science is not a new invention, but the recovery of ancient memories of ages of greatness and ages of tragedy That seal which protected humanity against this terrible knowledge was broken by Albert Einstein.

The historical genie was one of the most clever mutant sons of Seth, the depraved prince of Atlantis. Ever mischievous, a shameless trickster, he can be induced into doing favors to human beings, but his favors always hide an iron clad snare. Only those who know the right and secret name of the genie escape destruction; but who does?


The evil and dangerous spirit of nuclear knowledge. His robe symbolizes nuclear fire and destruction. He emerges in the shape of a nuclear warhead from a missile. His space helmet implies that he and his knowledge is of extraterrestrial origin.


The Blue Star implies that the genie was imprisoned by the secret seal of Solomon.


The trickster. A shyster. A seducer. The devil. A duke of hell. Riches are offered to you with strings attached. A clever devil of a man or a woman. Treacherous person. Double-dealers. A crooked lawyer. A bad politician. A cheating husband. Psychic trickery. A phony clairvoyant. A false prophet. A liar. Hallucinations and illusions. Loss of money on a promising deal.

Art from Tibet is a practice of creating spirit within man and woman!