Ages ago the men of Atlantis conquered space. Their satellites encircled the earth. Their spaceships explored the moons of Jupiter and there were mining operations on these moons. Then came the terrible cataclysm. A star appeared from within the depths of space. The comet nearly collided with the earth and later became

Venus, Atlantis sank to the bottom of the sea and human civilizations disappeared, making place for ages of decline and barbarism. The men of the barbarian ages remembered the ancient spacemen as a race of gods.

Today's spacemen are the reincarnations of these ancient spacemen As a race of gods.

Today's spacemen are the reincarnation of these ancient gods who Overcame the grip of gravity and conquered the planets. The Spacemen of today fulfill ancient racial memories, the remembrance Of the glorious past, for once upon a time, men reached out to Conquer the stars. The tales told by sages and storytellers relate ancient messages coded in the Collective aspects of man's unconscious. These imprinted computer tape-type messages in the human blood and the human genes tell that, in the course of the past three million years, thirty-two great civilizations rose on earth, fell, and were forgotten.


A symbol of the collective unconscious. The ancient spaceman of Atlantis reborn. He reaches out to the home of the ancient teacher, the Blue Star, the homeward of the Star dynasty.


Ancient memories. Dreams fulfilled. Noble ancestry. Fairy tales come true. The unconscious reveals great treasures.

Man's highest aspirations. Manifest destiny to be fulfilled. Conquest. A man of vision. Overcoming all obstacles. Destined to succeed. A great and lonely man or woman. A man or a woman, unconquerable by fate and destiny.