The explanation of a land slide of red earth into the river Nile causing the waters to turn to blood is completely unfeasible The clever and sophisticated Egyptian priests and scientists of the day would have found out about it very fast and discredited the miracle. Furthermore, as any geologist knows, there never was any blood-red earth by the shores of the river Nile that could have slid into the river. An epidemic of red water lice would have been identified within the hour by Egyptian scientists. The occurrence of red algae in large water masses is limited to over polluted lakes. The river Nile was a river and not a lake and, as such, it was not polluted to the degrees necessary for fostering the sudden growth of red algae. That the Jewish slaves would have had an opportunity to throw thousands upon thousands of hecto liter of red dye into the river is a ludicrous assumption.

The only action that could have possibly accounted for the river Nile suddenly, and at the command of Moses, turn red was that the extraterrestrial teachers of Moses, who had sent him to Egypt in the first place to rescue a talented race of potential propagandists from captivity, discharged red dye concentrate from some of their space craft into the river. The staff of Moses must have been a walkie-talkie which he used to transmit the order to release the dye upon the river. No one in his right mind could imagine Jehovah generating a rain of red ink in the upper atmosphere and letting it fall into the river.


The prophet Moses wears the space helmet, featuring the antennae, the famous horns of Moses. This abandoned child that floated into the weed beds of the river and was rescued by an Egyptian princess must have been partially extraterrestrial, which is verified by the famous and persistent myth of the Horns of Moses. He holds a walkie-talkie in his hand, entwined by a serpent, indicating electric energy at work. His robe is the robe of the god priests of Atlantis. The mushroom crowned cup indicates his state of expanded consciousness.

A UFO discharges red dye concentrate into the river and the terrified Pharaoh and his priests are hiding in the temple.


Supernatural intervention. Liberation from an oppressive situation. Deliverance from poverty or a bad marriage. Intervention by a sage. A just judge shall dispense justice. Evil rulers or a mean boss are being defeated. Occult powers are at work. A long journey is in the making.


Art from Tibet is a practice of creating spirit within man and woman!