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Modern Chamber Music Trios, Quartets and Quintets where you can find music scores, mp3 files, music news like this news letter, Internet free music, CDS, pictures and my biography and other information about my musical life in USA, Mexico, Canada and China. If you love instrumental music and not vocal music this is the place to go. For we do not have loud commercial music here just pleasant and new music.

Remember there are many new books, pdf files at the yoga site if you like reading new material that will challenge you. Over 60 pages of information and what yoga is. So if you want a peaceful heart and a place to grow in truth this is the place to go. It is not after your life or to control your life but it wants you to be free in your heart and life.

Last but not lease is our non-profit performing music site here in New York. Http:// If you want to have performing groups perform at your home or whatever this is the place to go for the newest and best music from New York City for special events. I started this organization back in 1977 just a year after I came to New York I believe from Toronto. It is all tax free if you care to use us.

I hope you will tell your friends about these sites and past this newsletter to them. It is not easy being an artist of music in this day of guitars, rap and drum machines. Even the Hollywood movies have taken on rap which to me is a disgrace. But without power and a great deal of money we can do nothing. Big business controls all we do and I should not forget about the banks who control the flow of money. Let us not forget the many wonderful big band music scores that have been written by great American Composers in Jazz, classical and other forms of popular music.

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