The earliest account of an ascension into heaven is described in the Mira'j of Abu Yazid, the early Persian Sufi sage. (Zaehner, University of London Athlone Press). This account, like many ascensions of the Schamanistic type that are featured in the works of Mircea Eliade (Schamanism, Mircea Eliade, Bollingen Library) features distinct psychedelic elements.

Mircea Eliade features in his famous book "Schamanism", accounts of ascension by Siberian and Tschungusian Schamans, Medicine men of the Australian Aborigines and the North American Indians who first enter the Schamanic pit and then ascend to heaven. That Schamas of all ages used psychedelic drugs and especially absuds of the Amenitatype Mushrooms is a fact well known to scientific ethnology and mythology to most anthropologists.

The ascension of Jacob must have been both a Schamanic and a Psychedelic experience, It is a fact, proven by Andrijy Pucharich ( The Sacred Mushroom), that the Essenes, who are said to have been the teachers and initiators of Jesus Christ, used absuds of Amenita Mescari (the red and the yellow capped fly mushroom), for initiatory purposes. This mushroom contains natural LSD.


The extraterrestrial teacher who can only be communicated with in expanded states of consciousness. He hears the horns of wisdom and Omniscience, namely, the antennae on the helmet of the ancient spacemen that enabled them to communicate with their central computer.


The two brains of man, the thalamus and the cerebrum. (Front brain and hind brain, centers of rationality and instinct.)


The absud of the mushrooms manifests the ladder on which Jacob climbs to heaven to meet Jehovah, the great ancestor.


Visionary experience. Psychedelic. Initiation. Long journey. New visions. New insights and realizations. Changes in one's mentality and attitudes. Protection by higher forces and entities.

Resurrection of the spirit. Contact with God. Protection by ancestral spirits. Transformation of consciousness. New Psychic and clairvoyant powers.


Art from Tibet is a practice of creating spirit within man and woman!