Osiris, the son of Isis was a prince of Atlantis, the grandson of the First pharaoh of Atlantis. To preserve the royal blood and genes, he married both his mother Isis and his sister Nephtetis. He was a military hero, a great general who vanquished the armies of his conquests to the Iberian peninsula, but suffered a military defeat before the gates of ancient Athens. He conquered Macedonia and the valleys beyond the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar), the latter Mediterranean Sea.


Isis was a royal princess of Atlantis, the eldest daughter of Sekhmet. She was one of the first of the royal children partially capable of breathing oxygen. As such, she is the true mother of the solar race, the queen of heaven and of earth.


Seth was the wicked brother of Osiris. He conquered Yucatan and established there, a barbarian empire, very much akin to today's Soviet Union. He started a devastating war against the old motherland.

Although his armies were vanquished by Osiris, through an act of treason at a peace conference, he managed to have his brother murdered. The corpse of Osiris, although badly mutilated, was then resurrected by the advanced medical sciences of Atlantis, but Osiris was permanently crippled by brain damage. Even so, his wife Isis conceived a final child by him through sperm-chromosome transplants. Mythology soon transformed the hero into the god of the netherworld the land of the dead.


Once upon a time, there was a winged horse with a single horn growing from its forehead. That was millions of years ago on the continent that is now known as Antarctica. It was the war steed of ancient barbarian knights and later became the symbol of power and wisdom. Latter ages attributed healing properties to a powder made from its horn.


Heroism. Military prowess. A noble lover. A noble suitor. Valor, statesmanship. Honesty, integrity, technical skills. Defeat of the forces of darkness. Beware of a treacherous friend. Beware of trickery. Mastering of the lower drives. A faithful woman. A female magician. The blessing and support of a clever woman.

Victory beyond death. Conquest.