A soldier is being knighted. He receives a captainship i nthe imperial navy, becoming a servant of the dark tonic forces that are being symbolized by the yellow moon. THE SOLDIER:

He wears the space suit of a nuclear rocket captain and has sworn loyalty to the supreme warlord and the depraved Queen of Mu.
One of the vil alien conquerors of the world. l A member of a race of cosmic renegades.
The horse is the mount of Wotan, the old Teutonic god of thunder.
This rocket was driven by frozen methane gas. It was armed with thirty nuclear missiles. The empire of Mu waged devastation wars against the pre-Atlantean civilization which, in the course of time, became totally exterminated, their people falling prey to savagery, peonage, servitude and death. Terrible wars were fought between the forces of Mu and the armies of the solar and the star lords. In spite of their ruthless conduct, in spite of their indiscriminate bombing, of centers of civilization, the hordes of Mu were finally defeated and had to return to their home continent. There, they made a stand until the cosmic catastrophe put a final end to the dark empire, until the dark waters of the Pacific Ocean buried their cities and their fortresses and estroyed their great capital, the city of Hell.


Militarianis. Captivity. Dictatorship. A pact with the forces of evil. Enslavement. A bad cause to fight for. A bad deal. A malicious boss. An evil politician. The forces of darkness finally defeated by cosmic justice.


Art from Tibet is a practice of creating spirit within man and woman!