The priesthood of the god Apollo at Delphi was of Atlantean origin. When Greece was temporarily conquered by the armies of the Atlantean Solar dynasty, the Atlantean priesthood established a temple of the sun, the latter temple of Apollo at Delphi. There, the Atlantean sun god, the latter Ra Harakte, Ammon Ra and then, Apollo were worshipped. When the Atlantean armies were finally defeated before the walls of Athens, the temple remained and became the center of oracular sciences of antiquity.


The card features the high priest of the sun. He is holding the cup of initiation with the Soma drink in his right hand. His right arm is entwined by a red serpent, the serpent of the earth. His left arm is entwined by a blue serpent, the serpent of the sky. In Voodoo Mythology, the red serpent stands for Sybil, the god of magic and the blue serpent for Damballah, the electric serpent in the sky.

On the priest's forehead blazes the third eye, the emblem of the ancient solar cult. He is holding the sword of wisdom in his left hand, the sword that slays ignorance and illusions, the great Maya. Beside him is the ancient tree of Paradise, resembling the human spine, entwined by the serpent Kundalini Shakti. Behind him is the mount of wisdom. Atop of the mount is the temple of Apollo.

The sun disc to the left features the sun disc of Atlantis, the emblem of the ancient Solar dynasty, the great and ever turning cosmic wheel. The left section of the temple of Apollo features the five point star, the star of the sense aggregates, implying asceticism as the gate to illumination. The right section of the temple features the star of David, the ancient African symbol of the unity between heaven and earth, man's higher and lower nature, the cosmos and the microcosms.

From the beard of the ancient priest flows a never ending streams Of the waters of life, entering the cosmic river. By his feet grow The sacred mushrooms, from which the Initiatory libatory is extracted. These mushrooms are intermingled with White flowers, the flowers of purity.


Initiation into the self. The wisdom of the sun initiates. The  rising of Kundalini Shakti. Mysterious powers at work. (Siddhis) Enlightenment, wisdom and occult powers. A man of wisdom intervenes. A judge, a wise ruler, a leader of men, a philanthropist, a sage. A great magician. A great clairvoyant. A prophet.


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