This is the suit of initiation. The cup contains the libation of the guru. The sacred Soma drink of the Hindus, namely a derivative of the poison of the King Cobra. It contains the extract of the famous yellow mushroom of the Egyptians and the Essence, of the red mushroom of the Schamans. (Amenita) Hallucinogens were administered by all the mystery schools of antiquity after the careful preparation of the initiate and under strict programming conditions. As such, taking hallucinogens was part of illustrious religious rituals. Taking hallucinogens under these conditions eliminated mental and psychic blocks and lead to an access to the eternal world within, the eminent god that is the rock foundation of human nature.

Contemporaries take LSD without proper preparation and without initiatory ritual. This converts the sacred journey to the land of the god, to the abode of the self into the nightmarish journey to hell, to the world of destructive archetypes. Taking just drugs amounts to little more than mental masturbation. It is a fact that today, there isn't a single person resident in the United States who is qualified to prepare anyone for the taking of hallucinogenic drugs, who has the necessary knowledge to guide a disciple on the sacred journey to the self. Taking drugs without proper programming and preparation amounts to mental and cultural suicide.

Even such distinguished textbooks as All Attar's "Journey of the Birds, or the "Mira'j" of Abu Yazid are almost completely unknown in North America. The only bona fide text on drug-taking and on guiding disciples through the psychedelic experience is the "Western Book of the Dead", published by the Schikovski Book Publishing Co'. of West Berlin, Germany. This book as yet, is not available in an English edition.


The Holy Spirit, the light of God is rising from within the potion              

contained in the cup of initiation. As such, the cup symbolizes the human heart, the sacred vessel that is the abode of God in man.

Above the dove rises the yellow star, the star of initiation on the wings of the Spirit. The cross in the center of the star features the four corners of the world and yet, the meeting point within heaven and earth, the road that leads to the center.

The dove above the cup symbolizes the essence of the self, the Holy Spirit liberated by the ingestion of the potion. The rays emerge from the head of Orpheus, the divine musician. On his Lyre, he plays the sacred music of the rebirth of the human soul, of the marriage between soul and Spirit, the Hieros Gamos.

The god Orpheus features the third eye, the eye of wisdom and illumination. The star of David at the stem of the cup resembles the unity between heaven and earth, the marriage between Spirit and Soul. The Five point star on the stem of the cup represents man mastering his five sense aggregates. Yoga aphorisms of Patanjali)

The square cross below symbolizes the foundation of the world. The Two crosses beside, on the base of the stem, symbolize the two crosses of Christ. The top of the cup is made from the flesh of the god Orpheus and the base is of pure gold. The bread of initiation is the flesh of God, for ritualistically, a man is bound to, sooner or later, become what he eats. From the sacred bread grows the Amenita mushroom, from which the potion of initiation is carefully extracted. Below the bread lies the crushed dragon, man's lower drives, man's materialistic spirit. Yet, the dragon is only controlled, but not dead. For we must not kill but master and utilize our lower nature. The dragon and its tail represent man's lower nature, the cup, divine Eros and the Lyre, Agape.


Initiation. You shall attain the vision of the self. The blessing of God. Salvation. Spiritual rebirth. The rebirth of the soul, the marriage between Spirit and soul. You are protected by God. A change to the better. Liberation. New insights and new wisdom. A new lease on life. The card of the visionary, the prophet and the sage. The card of divine wisdom.


Art from Tibet is a practice of creating spirit within man and woman!