A spaceship crashes in the desert. The divine law was degraded by idolatry, human sacrifice and excessive drug cults. The Mayan, Aztec, Mixtec, Toltec and Inca civilizations were weakened by these practices. They were ripe for being conquered by Spanish soldiers. The children of Seth are about to be slaughtered and enslaved by the Spaniards. Atlantis, sunk beneath the cold waves of the Atlantic Ocean offers the cup of salvation, the divine law of the ancient sun priests, but to no avail. The last of the free colonies of Atlantis die under the onslaught of Pizarro's hordes.


This is the card of doom, the card of a dying society, a dying civilization. Destruction. Upheaval, revolution, social unrest. Conquest by barbarians. Breakup of families and business partnership. Bad luck in business. Bankruptcy. Lawlessness. Victim of crime. The end of a world age. You might lose your home, your wife, your business or your job. Danger threatens everywhere. You are your own worst enemy. You are victim of an unconscious urge for self destruction.


Art from Tibet is a practice of creating spirit within man and woman!