In the course of the great war for the liberation of the Indian sub-continent, when the armies and airforces of the star lords were pitched against the well organized barbarian hordes of the war lords of Mu, a knight of the star dynasty was shot down and taken prisoner. The immortal knight of the royal blood was nailed with five steel swords to a cross pole, the cross of the empire of Mu. Yet, he was not dying, and was left there to suffer agony for years until his final liberation by his fellow soldiers. Both the solar and the star dynasties introduced the ancient medical science of longevity and immortality to earth.


He was nailed with five steel swords to the cross of Mu. The undying alien waits to be rescued. In the background, we see the castle of the beast of Mu.


The murdered saviour. Ten thousand years ago, a man on the cross. A man if high ideals, ruined by vvicious, narrow-mined egotistical people. Defeat of one's best intentions, yet, resurrection and victory in the end. Barbaric enemies are moving in on you. Be on your gurard.