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God hath now sent his living oracle Into the world to teach his final will. --Milton.

Intro to the Space Age Tarot by Greg Henry Waters

Preface Some history behind the Tarot and this new version!

Learning some concepts behind the use of the cards!

Tarot Versus the Space Age Tarot Reading by Greg Henry Waters

Help in understanding the Tarot Cards
The Spiritual Master wrote 20 Books plus: You can order, PDF Files, The Yogi contributed much new information for your knowledge! It is up to you to seek it out and understand it! The wisdom of the ultimate mind.

Order your PDF Book and GIF Files of the Cards NOW! or Order a reading, 21 (total 42) card reading! Send a Question.

The Cards: Major Arcana Introduction to the Major Arcana

Ark of Covenant

The Wheel of Fortune  The Sun of Hermes The Hierophant

The Fool The Pythia THE DEVILSThe Beast  Death The Hermit  The Family of Man Eternal Time

The Stars Introduction to the Suit of Stars

Ace of Stars 1 of Stars  2 of Stars  3 of Stars (Castle and the Moon ) 4 of Stars (The Devil) 

5 of Stars (The Last Judgement)  6 of Stars (Gabriel)  7 of Stars (Rape of Europe) 

8 of Stars (Leviathan)  9 of Stars (Jungle)  10 of Stars (Resurrection) 

Page of Stars  Knight of Stars Queen of Stars (Atlantis)  King of Stars

Suit of the Sun Introduction to the Suit of Sun

Ace of the Sun 1 of Sun (Priest of the Sun) 2 of Sun (The Cosmic Juggler)

3 of Sun (The Sun of Wisdom) 4 of Sun (The Building of the Pyramids)

5 of Sun (Moses) 6 of Sun (Meshach) 7 of Sun (Tower of Babylon)

8 of Sun (Sun of Eve) 9 of Sun (The Ladder of Jacob)

10 of Sun (Repopulating the Earth) The Page of the Sun The Knight of the Sun

Queen of the Sun King of the Sun

The Suit of Swords Introduction to the Suit of Swords

Ace of Swords 1 of Swords (The Sword of Justice) 2 of Swords (Justitia)

3 of Swords (Spurned Love) 4 of Swords (The Deathless)

5 of Swords 6 of Swords (the River Styx) 7 of Swords (The Hanged Man)

8 of Swords (The Sword of Fate) 9 of Swords (The Sword of Doom)

10 of Swords (The Sword of Injustice) Page of Mu (Swords) Knight of Mu (Swords)

Queen of Mu (Swords) King of Mu (Swords)

Suit of Cups Introduction to the Suit of Cups

Ace of Cups 1 of Cups 2 of Cups 3of Cups 4 of Cups 5 of Cups 6 of Cups 7 of Cups 8 of Cups 9 of Cups

10 of Cups Page of Cups Knight of Cups Queen of Cups King of Cups

Other Infomation for a deeper understanding by Greg Henry Waters There are many ways to use these tarot cards, The traditional way that you find at www.learntarot.com with the lay out they have. The yogi has presented us with a new version of reading the cards and looking into ourselves. This is the pyramid concept of past, future, and present. So I suggest using the 10 card presentation at first and then go into the 21 card and the 72 card versions of the pyramids that the yogi has given us to enrich our vision of ourselves. I created a pdf file of the four pyramid readings one can read to help understand the concept, which the final concept is to be in the here and now as the Yogi was so you can change your past and future with an act of knowledge and will. You also can read the original text ot the yogi under the number pyramid versions. Thanks Greg Henry Waters, Raja Yoga Instructor, Composer, Performer and Writer.


Ifa Concept The Number Pyramids Concept

PDF View of the Pyramids Future, Past and the Great Pyramids

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