The Financial Post Magazine MARCH 1, 1984
IN FACT INTEREST IN THE PSYCHIC realm on the part of prominent figures like Pocklington has given rise to a new breed of oracle,  what U.S. writer Jess Stern has named "the psychic consultant."  A former yoga teacher in Toronto. A.S. Narayana, has even set up a one man ESP corporation called ESPON, which has been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 1976.  Narayana specializes in financial and geopolitical psychic forecasting and while fortune telling may seem off-the-wall to most of Wall Street, to a few less conventional brokers, it is at least as effective as traditional analysis.  

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In May, 1978, for instance, when the  Dow Jones was a 850 and climbing, Narayana predicted it would slide to below 800 the following October.  Sure enough, the Dow Jones started to decline on schedule, falling 116 points to 792.45 on October 31.  Subsequently,  Narayana correctly pegged the rise in coffee futures market and the Canadian dollar.  these feats might have been matched by a competent macro economist, but no other forecaster was able to foresee the assassination of Anwar Sadat and the attempt on the life of Pope John Paul, both of which Narayana predicted in September, 1980, the former on a Toronto TV show, the latter in an article in the Ottawa Citizen.

Narayana real name is Alfred Schmielewski.  he is, at 55, a tall, urbane man, born in what is now Poland, who sports a mustache, goatee and an enormous moonstone ring on one of his fingers.   True, he has worked at psychic fairs,  But most of his income is earned from board-room consultations he claims to have with bankers and brokers,  where he relies on what he calls "pure transactional ESP" to predict changes in bank policies and key economic factors like prime rates.

For his services, Narayana says he receives a whopping $3,000 hourly consultation rate form clients whose names he keeps secret for their protection.  But he describes them, in his thick accent, as "established fortunes and consortiums in international finance, both private and public."  This clairvoyant often gets his predictions into print in technocratic essays he writes under the pen name of Herr Alfred Meier.  These have appeared in Wall Street's Sinclair Securities Company report.  Narayana has earned the respect of Andrew Willman, director of investment strategy for TSE member McConnell & Company Ltd.  "He's   very astute geopolitical analyst."  Willman notes.  "his approach is unique--not infallible but the results are stimulating."  One Bay Street source even suggests that Narayana is not a psychic at all, but a clever salesman who has gone the ESP route in a canny bid to stand out from other financial forecasters.

One has to wonder why he ever stopped to manning a booth in company with relative psychic small fry: "Personal consultations have been a charitable cover for my big time corporate work," he replies smoothly, and pauses dramatically before delivering his next line.  "My work involves immense political risks," he whispers, "You see, I am an immensely valuable property to the powers that be.  Certain institutions can be very ruthless."  So ruthless that Narayana must incorporate what he calls "a planned protective failure rate of 20 percent.  If I were too accurate."  he says,  "I could easily lose my personal and professional liberty."

If he isn't the psychic golden goose he professes to be, Narayana is, at the very least, and interesting character and colorful speaker.