I finally setup my computer music studio with four samples for you to review. The styles are so completely different. This is why I decided to finally become of computer musician so I could be more modern and in tune with our age of science. This was more about computer software, hardware, installation than music. Matching the software with the right hardware was not easy and ordering all the parts and finding all the software. It all started out when I found a computer drum machine called Hydrogen. For up until than I was just using my windows software for music and it got pretty boring after awhile. You know Windows locks a person into their system. Band in the Box, Sebilius, Cakewalk which are Ok and great programs but not if one is looking for adventure too.

A piece from Handel! But now I have all the tools I will ever need to produce music. Here is an example of Bach completed with Plugin Sound Samples. Fuge No.23 WTCI A engineer at ATT started all this electronic music alone with Stanford University, and Yamaha Instrument company which took them seven years to come up with the first electronic keyboard. Also Princton and Columbia University and supported by the Rockerfella Foundation. I never realized how important sound engineers are and how important they are to society and to musicians. Listen to sounds from the universe!

I have the Stanford System, CCRMA, Angula Debian System and Windows, Band in the Box, Sibelius Cake Walk and Finale Software. Years ago I looked at a computer system at Sam Ash Music Store and they wanted all of 10,000 dollars for their computer studio. Of course when one has children there seems to be very little money around.

A short piano piece by Greg Henry Waters with RoseGarden Software! 31 MB The Stanford System and Angula Debian (Fedora Redhat Operating Systems and Debian) is equal to the Apple Systems and is used in many professional studios and movies. For me it is great because all one has to do is install it on a computer. But this is not always that easy I might say.

Listen to a (10 instruments) Blues Edited by Greg Henry Waters with RoseGarden Software! 83 MB I hope you are following your dreams? I have always for music and family for these have been my dreams no matter how successful or unsuccessful. I true person always maintains his character above all odds.. This is my testimony to my life in music and life. I have been working on my Linux music programs and this is the results of a lot of study. A piece called Marking which a created when I lived in Toronto! I must have 30 to 40 different sets of programs that I am currently working on. My first song on this equipment was produced by 5 programs and a midi piano. Here is an MP3 file I worked on with Sibeluis sound program and came up with a real nice version of my short piece for Piano Trio with Tuba and Cello. It has natural sounds, balance and directional panning.
View the Sibelius Score here.

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Here is a piece I made for clarinet and computer using the percussion instruments on the computer, it is 9 minutes and 47 seconds.

Here is another version of this piece with two flutes and more electronic sounds piece I made with the computer using the percussion instruments on the computer, it is 12 minutes.

Here is a piece just flute and sound track made with a computer. First version, I am going to make more versions. I had so much trouble to get this one though. Not completely happy with it.

My conclusion is that music has grown so much in the popular and jazz part of music and I think that classical music, even the new music, is some how has not developed since the 1910 period of modern classical music, the harmony I am speaking about. I listened to some music from France today on the Internet and it was the same stuff that I listened too when I was at North Texas University (1966).

I am a teacher of computer music in the Bronx, record and produce music for musicians, singings and song writers, documentaries and movies. Tracker Rock and Noise!And my personal goal is to try to intergrate electronic music and my instruments for a gentle sound which has yet to be defined. Anyway, for the nerds out there I came across a book called THE PHYSICS OF MUSIC AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS (on the internet) to catch a glimpse from the pan pipe to modern electronic instruments. You see I have come to the conclusion that to be creative one has to go to the computer to be intune with the times. The laws of physics never changes, we are now just understanding the physics of sound and we can see it on a computer screen as well as listen to it. Fusion Jazz with me performing on the soprano saxophone!

One can pay for software and it is not cheap, but if you are on a budget get the Linux system.

This music is for demonstration purposes only. Not for any public deplay on TV, Radio
or other internet sites. This is to help to secure work for its author. Greg Henry Waters, Thank You!
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