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This page is for the Flute and Cello Sonata in Seven Parts


written for the Cello Flute duo of Connie (Grossman) Leviatin and Enrique Orengo, Cello.

This is a find duo and they played
the concert in the NJ Flute Celebration last year in June 2010.

I was so impressed by the way they played together that one day last month I decided to compose a piece for this duo. And the following URLs are the results of my effort to create serious classical art for the flute and cello.
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Greg Henry Waters Compositions

Flute and Cello Sonata in Seven Parts

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V Free Form electron piece for Flute and Cello, improvisational for the instruments.

Part VI Piece for Cello alone, Solo

Part VII Piece for Flute Alone, Solo
New Jersey Flutessociety 2010 Concert