Welcome to my scores with Sibelius Editor and Internet Reader.

My Flute Music etc.

I have 16 pieces I composed for flute and other instruments.
This has come about all because of my experience with the NJ Flute Society organization and the NY Flute Club.
Piece for Flute and Guitar
Seven Pieces for Cello and Flute
Bach Trio Flute Ensemble
Bach Trio Sonata 1027
Branden Berg Concerto for Flute Ensemble
Branden Berg for C Flutes
5 min. piece for Flute and Piano
4 min. piece for Flute Ensemble with an old Chinese Melody 4 min.
Piece for Flute Ensemble with an old Chinese Melody 4 min. version two.
5 min piece for Solo Flute and Flute Choir!
Nonsense for two flutes
Solo Flute Sonata
Solo Piece Part Two
Solo Flute Sonata Rules
Piece fot two flutes
Two Flutes Part Two

Piano Piece
Piano Piece
Piano Piece
Piano Piece
Piano Piece

Piece for Four Trombones

Accessories is a jazz piece for small group.

A Clarinet Piano Sonata First Movement Cick Now,

and Second Movement Click Here.

A Jazz Waltz for a small group with instrumentation can be varied.

Piano Sonata Movement One

Only With Thine Eyes, And original arrangement of the Mozart Hymn.

A Jazz Piece which is a song written for my late Friend Paul Latrinta.

A Tuba Trio with Cello and Piano written for my good friend Dave Braynard.

Piece for Tuba, Bass Trombone and String Bass

Tone Poem from China for Orchestra (piano score) Part One
Tone Poem from China for Orchestra (piano score) Part Two

gwatersusa@gmail.com    All songs or many of them here.

Improvisational Song Book One 110 Songs

Improvisational Song Book Two 64 Songs, Hand Written Originals

Greg Henry Waters

Greg Henry Waters

Professional, New York City now going on 26 years. Before living in New York I lived and worked in Chicago and Toronto. In Chicago I developed my orchestral music and continued this work in Toronto. In Toronto I started my jazz composing and wrote music for a new music jazz ensemble (free form) and tunes for a traditional small group. Started my Mission Albums.
http://greghenrywaters.com/mp3/ In New York I created the Greg Henry Waters Jazz Chamber Orchestra, which John Riley called one of the most rewarding musical organizations he has ever performed with. (Drummer Village Vanguard Orchestra for 15 years or more.)

My compositions are stored in the New York Library System (call 212-365-5260 ext. 11 or 21 to view the music) and the Originals are in the University of North Texas Music Library.

Greg Henry Waters

Lives in NY, New York in the United States of America

B.M. University of North Texas 1966

M.M. Composition and Music Theory Chicago Conservatory College 1968

Member BMI

Composer, Conductor and Arranger (Woodwind Performer)

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My Compositions gwatersusa@gmail.com

My music is in the Performance Arts Library Third Floor Linclon Center, New York, New York, Check it out. http://www.library.unt.edu/music/ also at the University of North Texas Music Library

Greg Henry Waters music in the performing arts library at Lincoln Center NYC 60th Street Third floor & Broadway
the Music Center Collection. at Lincoln Center!
Also at the the University of North Texas Library, Music Section, Denton, Texas They have stored my music but have done nothing with it, such a waste for me. for information.

I hope soon to have many compositions here from classical, jazz and many tunes and hopefully educational material too when I have the time. I wish I had the money to place all my compositions in the Sibelius program. Well, I was born too many years before the computer age.

List of compositions are here. http://greghenrywaters.com/compo.html

You can view some of my other scores here.


Most of the midi files for printing, listening or viewing if you do not have sib. program, please write me for them or go here for the mid version. gwatersusa@gmail.com greg@greghenrywaters.com

Sincerely, Greg Henry Waters