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Wake Up America, America Freedom to Fascism Movie, www.freedomtofascism.com


This is the most amazing information how the government, bankers, IRS, has turned USA into a police state.  People are put in jail illegally by the IRS.  The bankers have taken over the Federal Reserve System and tax the American Public so they, the private bankers, earn money from the income tax.  The Supreme Court has said, this is all illegal.  But the bankers, big business and IRS all are making the American Public into slaves through the income tax system which is illegal according to the constitution of our country.


According to Russo the IRS uses black-mail to get people to pay the taxes that they are illegally collecting.  It is illegal to tax workers according to the 16th amendment.


I saw his movie yesterday in a movie theatre in Manhattan.  This movie is scary. How a few people control so many peoples lives illegally.  The movie will teach you how the government, IRS and bankers use their skills to control our money illegally.


Russo points out that America is not a democracy, but it is a constitutional government.  Which is a very interesting statement because the government is not following the constitutional laws and are not following the USA Supreme Court decisions?  Wow, what a statement this is when we, USA, are supposed to be a system of laws and not special interest.  But when you see this movie you will learn how Wilson, President, sold out the American Worker to the Bankers in the early 1900.


In the Old Testament it says the love of money is the root of all evil.  Well, I knew a billionaire years ago, (I worked for her) Jennifer, I asked her about politics and she said she can buy anyone she wants.  So, so much for government for the rich control the purse strings and they control us to a great degree.  But if you see this movie and you will learn it is even worse than one thinks.


Lincoln said, never let private bankers print money they will destroy our economic system.  This is exactly what Wilson did and now our dollar is worth 4 cents.


Please write your friends about this and let us get back our country and monetary policy.

We have been kept in the dark now it is time to let the light back in.


Listen to an interview by Russo for more information and then watch the movie.  This is a simple thing to do to get our elected officials to take back our Reserve Bank from the Bankers.  But is it so simple.  Remember the Bankers control the politicians.  MP3-1 Interview about his movie! MP3-2 Interview about personal life and work history MP3-3 Phone Questions from the general public! MP3-4 Another radio show.


May the men of light, like Abe Lincoln, prevail over the men of darkness!



Greg Henry Waters