Paul Eugene Lustig Dunkel

Dear Friends of Paul: This is a letter from his friend Greg Henry Waters whom I met a few years ago at

his flute recital at the New York Flute Club. (2014)

Paul had such a pure outlook towards music and really believed in the art of music rather than it is just a business an a way to earn a living. He was so proud of the New York City Ballet, because he knew it is one of the great ballet companies of the world out of the top 2 or three. In fact, Paul told me that they exchanged concerts between the companies. I so admired him for even working at the ballet the last year of his life.   I don't know how he did it. Of course I did not know how serious his cancer was for he was still walking around and performing with the Orchestra.

I had another musician friend who had cancer and was bed ridden and in a wheel chair. I met Paul in the month of October, 2014 and we have been friends since. I just liked his attitude towards music and his outlook of what his creative life was like. He wanted to be in the 20th Century and perform new pieces and even in other areas of music like improvisational music to be exact. Since my career was mainly improvisational music I think that is why we got alone so well because maybe I filled a gape in his musical desires. Even in July he mentioned that he still had a strong desire to conduct an orchestra full time. 

When we first met, at the Flute Club concert, we had a nice conversation and he understood what I was speaking about musical art.  And so very few people don't even like to speak about such subjects, but Paul seemed to be really interested in my conversation for I was telling how impressed I was with his program he created for his recital. It wasn't about performing traditional pieces it was about creating something new, which I have a lot of respect for. In fact, that is what impressed me about him. For me his recital was all about music and not about Paul. Most performers only think about what wonderful instrumentalist they are and not so much about what the music is.

I joined the flute club to learn to understand the baroque period of music more, and hopefully to find musicians to perform new music. for my main instrument was clarinet, which was an instrument that came about during Mozart's life time.  And I could play great jazz on the flute but not the technical level one needed to play classical music. I really did not understand that at the time.

 I can play some classical music on the flute but not all of it. Like Paul did and James Galway does. I was listening to him, James, on YouTube with all these flute war horses compositions that have been over played during many generations. You see, Paul as far as I know did not believe in playing so much the standard popular list of famous flute pieces. Paul was a musician first and a flute performer second.

He was a master and could play all of the flute pieces if he wanted too.  I considered him one of the all time great flute players in the world of flute history.  For he was interested in musical culture as well. I was so happy to know him. And to listen to his CDS and recital tapes. 

His Book: He said, at the book opening, that I was one of his great friends these last few years of all his friends. He felt close to me and I knew that. He didn't have to say that of course, but I am glad he did. Nothing but a class act he was. I hope we all can honor him and his life for we remember him, his ideas, music, and his selfless dedication to musical art and his love for his two girls.

He played Bach with a free spirit which is the way it should be played and not overly rigid. Paul will always be with us if we remember him. for he left a book for us to read and recordings and of course his performances at the New York City Ballad Company.

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Thanks you so much Paul for you honest contribution to music. 

Greg Henry Waters or

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