Greg Henry Waters Newsletter Buy a Car (VW) October 2006


Buy a VW and it comes with an electric Guitar!


Well, since I live alone now and watch TV in the evening and some in the afternoon; I hear a lot of music.  And this music is mostly rock loud guitar music which is the main voice of the music.  It is very sad for me that the entertainment industry has gone so much to the electronic instruments and the public doesn’t even get to hear instruments.  And they are calling rap music – music.  I must disagree with this!  I cannot accept music without harmony music or without a pitch but just a voice and rhythm with no tone quality.  And guitar rock music does not have a tone but is more centered on noise or loudness.  The VW commercial had an excellent guitar player though and it was quite entertaining to hear a musician exactly play his instrument.  I am not saying the entertainment industry should not use this music; however, a balance of music that believes in tone production and not noise would be nice. For instrumental musicians, are always looking for tone and they do this by practicing their instruments just for tone quality. 


Do you know any rap artist that wants a quality singing voice? 


This rap music has found it way into movies and all the cultures around the world.  Well, I just want to speak out against this because they are calling non-music music.  I cannot believe that educated people can enjoy this.  I asked myself what kind of education  these people have.  Well, it seems that these people do not think for themselves but just follow the ‘pack’.  It is really difficult for me to respect this industry.


And all our national TV Stations follow the pack of the current trend not the standards of music as far as harmony, tone, and musical professionalism.  The really awful thing for me is that non-musician make decisions what is music and what is not music.  Do non-doctors decide what medicine is and what it is not.  I hardly think so.  However, music is a place where it is a free for all with non-musicians deciding what music is.


My friend Steve always says I am so negative.  Well, maybe the truth is negative.  I am just saying what I believe.  Is this negative or positive?  I believe this is completely positive for I am questioning the current trends and standards in the music industry.


The classical music is the same.  They replay the same music every year from season to season.  My Mother who had season tickets to the symphony in Milwaukee stopped going because she said it was the same concerts year after year. 


In New York there is more creativity among the free lance community, but even here it is more commercial than other places in the states for New York is just a business driven town.  I learned more about commercial music here than any other city I ever lived in.  I always had to fight hard against becoming a clone musician and fitting into the music scene here.


Well, I am tired of fitting in so I stay home.  I do not want a job on TV where I have to laugh at the host every five minutes like on our talk shows.  I think music is more important than these talk show hosts.  Everything is a joke. Ha Ha. But music is an art form.  I wonder if any body really thinks about it?


Recently, I composed a piano sonata, two movements for Sarah Jane Cion (Pianist) and Two Pieces for Tuba, for Dave Braynard a local symphony Tuba Player.  You can listen to the music here.  You have to download the support file.  The tuba pieces are not very traditional, because of the instrumentation, but, the piano piece is.


Also, I added a new message board to my site which is database driven.  (PHP programming language)  You can add your comments and ideas here.  Of course, I am trying to start some kind of discussion group about music and life. My CDS are here, cds or mp3!

Music News is here

Listen to an hour of my music here to four hours!

Yoga Philosophy is here.


Ok, thanks for reading.  Trying to make progress in this life adventure!


Sincerely, Greg Henry Waters


Steve's E-mail letter to me! Greg:

Maybe this will be a birth of a new genre -- VW guitar music. I do not watch television, so I have not seen the commercial.

The people who play it have the current version of heavy metal rock music into a number of different categories, and none of it makes sense to me.

They tune their guitars down a step and a half to get a "muddy" sound, and I have watched some of these guys up close, and I can't tell if they are playing distorted chords or just distortion. What they play is rythmically centered, so they do whatever they do the same way each time -- and I have no idea why, because it didn't make any musical sense to do it in the first place.

Fortunately, I am able to avoid listening to it most of the time. Part of the problem with musical venues is that they are so expensive. I had no yen to see the Rolling Stones, who did a concert at the other end of the state -- but the tickets were going for $200 a pop -- that is to see "rock stars" older than you or me. To go see the Billings Symphony is going to set somebody back $35, and road shows are more.

Montana is in particularly bad shape, because the bar owners found out they could make much more money with their casinos than hiring live musicians, so nobody is making a living playing music out here. Life is indeed hard. Keep smiling.