What's Wrong with U.S. and What We Can DO about It


Greg Henry Waters Newsletter special issue October 2007

My news letter this month is about the United States of America.  The Place I Call Home, is a book about the political climate of our great country written by Kirsten Borg.  Well folks, if you want to know how our country has affected your life, this is the book to read.  We have all these talk shows on how to change our country but it never seems to change.  Lou Dobbs seems to be so out spoken, but I wonder if he is just part of the system to keep things the same? You know, he is like a watch dog that watches to make sure everybody gets so confused that nothing is changed. Things always seem to remain the same.

My brother Skip said he is for Bush 200%.  I wonder if he is still for Bush?  Nobody agrees with Bush, or over half our country, but things still move on the same.  We call this freedom, and I think this is the most miss used word in our country, freedom.  We are proud of something that is really not that true.  I lived in Canada, Mexico and China and I cannot say any one place was freer than the other and all had different systems of government and ruling ideals.

Well, can you take a dose of the truth is the question?  Do you want to know the truth?  Or are you too busy making money to take the time to learn about the truth? Kirsten talks about the myth of money and how it has affected our lives.  The ideas and thinking that came from Europe, or the objective mind set where emotion is not allowed in our society. (THE CARTESIAN TRAP)

Governor Spitzer took a stand to include the undocumented immigrants as part of our society and everybody is attacking him.  I say what is wrong with keeping track of who is really in our country?  Is it better not to know who lives here or is it better to know who lives here?  I think it is better to know who lives here.  Our system is so flawed that it is a wonder that we still have a system.  Do you hear about the fact that we are not sending criminals back to their home countries because they do not want them?  So our government lets them out of jail here.  What a system we have when we reward criminals.  I wonder who are the real criminals.

All these problems come from our lack of knowledge of the real truth.  The titles of the first chapters of the book are THE CARTESIAN TRAP, THE PURITAN ETHIC, THE GILDED AGE AND THE MANIFEST DESTINY.  Then she writes about: THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX AND THE TYRANNY OF THE MAJORITY.


This book reminds me of my quest for more quality music in our society and how little hope I have in reaching out to the corporate complex and their power structure.  You know on Sundays the stations are supposed to promote public affairs programs.  Example, I ask you, on the SUNDAY MORNING SHOW, CBS, they had a show about the latest rock stars.  They had no mention of music schools, symphony music, classical music, jazz, chamber music, and other forms of music from around the world. No, CBS was promoting record sales not public affairs.  They get away with it, because no one noticed and we get too much advertising. We sometimes do not know the difference between an advertisement and a show.  I believe they should lose their license.  They have had control for too long.  But I am of no importance so my thoughts are just thoughts and no action. The tyranny of the majority is a good title for this problem.


This book goes into so many topics in such a simple interesting way that it is a must for every American who cares about this country to read.  If we are ever to get out of the present situation and into a more humane world we must all promote this book and have every politician read it.  Kirsten goes into the complex man and woman issues, food, religion, past events, and brings us into the reality of our lives and not into the fake profit reality that we all live by today. Kirsten has a PHD in History and speaks Russian besides her native language.  This is not a pleasant book to read and might be upsetting to some and reads sometimes like a text book, but it is a must to read. Please believe me.


The problem with life is we always have to improve and work hard at life.  Being a performing musician makes me realize it even more because if I do not work at my music everyday,  if I have a job or not, I lose my ability and memory of what I am playing.  So I have to work at my music and we all have to work at our quality of life or we let others control it which has happened to us in this country.  To me everybody is filled with their own self importance (or lack of it).  I know the TV hosts are filled with their self importance.


We cannot let it fall apart by being a silent voice which so many of us do and not be watch dogs for our lives and others.  We all must work together to promote a quality of life that is healthy and whole some for all.  Special and selfish interest works for the few, but doesnít create equality or an educated country.  It is a never ending cause and we as a country has fallen by the way side so many times and in so many situations.  Kirsten really made me become aware of this fact and the reason I am writing this letter that promotes change in our society.  Why do school kids kill one another? It is because we are failing as a nation and we are not doing anything about it accept cleaning up the physical mess!  Why do we accept lies from our government over and over again!  We all feel so helpless I think.  We can talk, speak-out, but does it do anything really?


Buy Kirstenís book and start thinking about our real country and not the 4th of July image we have so much of the time.  Send this book to your political leaders.  Have book reviews in your local library.  Bring it to the attention of your local schools.  Do not be a republican or a democrat, become a real American and change our country for the better.  It is up to all of us.  Are you a part of this effort is the question? Or are you just looking for that house in the suburbs to get away from it all?


Sincerely, Greg Henry Waters


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