E-Mails that I think might be interesting to read.
I sent all my recordings, videos, 60 ½ hour TV shows, 13 piece jazz book, jazz music, classical music to the library with all the original scores to the North Texas Music Library.  They have had it for over 10 years in a storage room.
My letter to Morris Martin after he said over two months ago he would get back to me about what they have done.  Isn't 10 years long enough to catalog this music.
A better job to keep me informed. 
Well, it has been one month since your last e-mail. 
Do not know what to say, but it seems my music is being held hostage. Why I have all this trouble? 
Anyway, looking forward to some results. I think I may have made a mistake sending it to you guys. 
It seems NT is only interested in award winning people. Lyle Mays is coming to your school for a clinic. You know he could not find work here in NYC. Had to leave town. But that is the way it is. 
And as far as I am concerned he just produces pop junk, but this is my opinion. 
Been writing James Scott some. 
Just want my music to have a home. You know Handel's music is still not complete. Music can get lost in libraries. 
Google is copying all the books they can. Wow, isn't this great. MS is complaining again. 
Looking forward to some results. 
Greg Henry Waters 
Words from Sam Baron, Flutist and Conductor of Chamber Music!
Hello: George B. Stauffer
I am writing you today to ask a question for I have been reading your book, The World of Baroques Music and came across the part about Latin America
and how they had so much music before we did in the USA. 1586 Juan Hernandez, chapel master Mexico City Cathedral.
I lived in Acapulco for 2 1/2 years and was involved in the local music community. And have been interested in popular music, jazz and classical music
my entire life. But in the last 10 years I really lost interest in our culture for we have gotten away from instrumental music and it is just more of a cult rather
than a part of our culture. I even went back to school part time to see what is going on in music schools. I saw just a cult atmosphere of teachers teaching their
subject, but doesn't reach beyond the school of music or school it self.
I am a graduate of North Texas, 1966, yesterday I was asked about being apart of the alumni directory, and what always amazed me was the school NT and
the music school at NT were so separate even though the music school is suppose to have an international reputation. Even the regular school population had no 
sense of music and its history.
It seems that music schools live in a cult world of private concerts and past history having nothing to do with the present market place of music.
Yesterday I was listening to some salsa music and always notice the use of the trombone. Also in Mexico they have brass bands with popular singers
singing the hits of today. In our culture it is all guitar, drums and bass which for me makes me really sick, I had to turn off the half time show at the Super Bowl Show.
During the Baroque era the trombone was a very important instrument alone with the flute, oboe and bassoon. For me these instruments are just in traditional classical music and some jazz. 
But in Mexico and Salsa Bands the trombone and brass instruments are still a very big part of their popular culture. 
I performed with Tito Prente years ago and his rhythm section was a world of new experience for me. Sam Baron spoke of the drumming from other cultures
and music from other cultures. http://www.bruceduffie.com/baron2.html
Why is the Latin American world holding on to their wind instruments and we here in the states just have concert bands or marching bands?
I believe music schools should take an active part in our popular music forum in some way and not just sit in the back ground.
Any opinion would be appreciated!
Greg Henry Waters
Composer of Music

Let me ask the philosophical question:  What is the purpose of music?

SB:  [Thinks for a moment, then chuckles]  Well, music is an essence, an essence in the universe which has particular meaning to the human species.  Okay?  Is that a big enough answer?  The fact is that there are many musics in the world.  Different cultures have their different musics.  We think of our music as being central and having a wonderful history, a wonderful library, repertoire, and wonderful evolution, which it is.  But in many ways we're not the most developed.  Rhythmically we're not as developed as African tribal chant.  Materialistically we're not as developed as certain Indian musics, which have 23 notes in the octave.  We have a music history with our 12 tones and our 4/4 time, but what I'm saying is this:  music exists everywhere, just like language.  There are many languages on the earth, but language itself is a human quality, a human construct, and we seem to find it necessary, since it exists everywhere.  In general, we seem to feel that music expresses what words cannot express, and it fills a hole in our soul.  So music exists, and those of us who are musicians are constantly working with it.  I've always felt that the performer is a link between the composer and the listeners, but the composer is a link between God, or the essence of music itself, and the rest of the world.

For me music is a deep religious experience.  This is why I have so much trouble with secular music and my attitude towards this part of our culture.


Sending you a copy of your flute sonata, with a theme by GHW. I hope this can be a positive item for you!

Dear Greg,
Thank you so much for sending this interview. I just read it from beginning to end, and felt like I was visiting with an old friend after many years. It made me realize all over again how much Sam influenced my values. There are many things there that I heard him say, but there are others where I could imagine his answer as I was reading the question. It was a very well done interview.
I've never been one for making  commercial recordings. Throughout my musical life, when I would hear a recording from a year or so earlier, I would be grateful that I hadn't let it out, because I had changed in that time, and would prefer to have something current. At this point, when I have less time for playing, I find the old recordings a little more palatable. If I can get my act together over the holidays, maybe I can send you some of the wonderful Bach aria material Sam talks about in the interview. I had some great experiences with singers performing that music. I think they're more interesting than the sonata recordings.
All best regards,
James C. Scott, Dean
College of Music
University of North Texas

I did find more music of his on e-music.

plus more interviews and things about him

http://www.bruceduffie.com/baron2.html The complete interview is here.

very interesting a  lot of wisdom, yes


did you know this article?

he speaks about bach too

nyc is a money town, it is all about money and position

not about music, in my opinion, the competition here is out of control, I even felt it in Milwaukee, but did not understand what it was!
especially when I told them I played with the Dallas Symphony

his wife gave everything to the library of congress, maybe martin can get some things from there for your library????????????????

when I got to NYC I was able to get into the free lance jazz market not classical music

from reading this article he really cared about real music and real performances


did you record the bach sonatas? would like to hear Sam's version, never did, trying to get  back into classical music again, really, like to hear your version too!

Hi Martin:

The hope for my music in the future!
My material, music, TV Show, Jazz Book, etc.

I was hoping that some graduated student interested in media could develop my tv show; I did here in NYC.  Of course, I can only sponsor my own music to a limited level.  There needs to be a full time music show on TV just like Sesame Street and other shows but on the HS level too. Why the music schools have their head in the sand I do not know but they do.  It is because they do not have to earn a living in the real world of business. The street musicians,  rap, are making millions of dollars when the educated musician can only make a living if that sometimes.  If young people do not get to listen to real music how are they going to appreciate it.  All the composers from the Baroque era came from musical families except maybe for Lully.  Of course the rulers supported them not like our rulers.

Now, that we have the computer music programs it is a different story about music composition.  All your scores you have are all before the computer.

Jazz Book:
Also, my jazz book is for a chamber jazz orchestra not a big band.  Economically the big band is out of date, here in NYC it is trios, piano, bass and drum, or guitar piano, bass and drum. No horns.  How is one going to make a living at jazz is my question if the schools do not fight back against the record companies in some way.  Even my 10 piece band is too big of a group, but the cord of the music is cantered around the jazz soloist not the sound of the big band.  Sometimes my band sound is a big as a big band because of the harmony not because there are 15 horn players or six.

Of course my orchestral music is very traditional from the instruments point of view.  I think I have a piece for every instrument in the orchestra.  So that should be a normal project except of course for the harmony because I developed my own system of harmony.  Some of the music is very difficult and others not too difficult. Not sure really, but that can only be worked out in performance.

My jazz tunes are on the internet and you have some of them too.  They are for the  young musician to come up with there own groups and arrangements for what ever they think they like.

Here in NYC they have the Manhattan School of Music Jazz program which is such a miss use of the truth and jazz.  Anyway, when will the instrumental musician really get the respect he deserves.  The era of the drug addict
musician is over now we have to become a real business and not just a token grant. or lets throw him a bone as they would say here in NYC.  But this era is still living somehow and the Manhattan jazz project is a good example of it from my viewpoint.  Mr. Breeden use to say one becomes a musician because he has to not because it is a good idea.  Hopefully all the crooked record producers have died, but no new one's are coming up either.
For me to only way to get around this is to go back to the Baroque Era.

I am studying the Baroque era now.  I wished I lived then at least I could compose music I wanted too and even make a living at it.  Now everything we have now a days is copy cat music with drums.
http://www.greghenrwaters.com/baroque  My web page for the baroque and our present age, what a contrast really.

I was very disappointed when the Yankees had a rap singer to represent music at their celebration.  What a joke for musicians? For me what an insult to our country!
Bloomberg is he really this stupid?

Anyway, just a few thoughts!

Please do not let people take out my music if there is only one copy!!!!!!  For some reason I have no copies myself!  Too much running around!

Greg Henry Waters
Artist of Music

How to develop a career? Most of American's classical composers are Gay.

What is going on is my question. Do I have to be Gay?

If I could find a publisher for my music would be great but I never looked for one.  Now maybe because NT has placed my music in their library and the performance arts library too in nyc.  But there are 16,000 scores here in the performance arts library of American Composers. Not an easy task to get a publisher I believe. One must become famous first.  This country is based on fame and dollars not on knowledge.

Greg, thanks for writing. We are indeed working on your things! Most cataloged items do not actually appear in the online catalog until they are back from the bindery (or processing); you will begin to see some of these appear in our catalog soon. At any given moment hundreds (if not thousands!) of items are in this limbo. Our staff is doing a survey of your things in the next couple of weeks to check on the status.

As I remember, at first, the main purpose was to give the collection a home when you were moving out of the country, and then later we were trying to decide whether to make your items available through a website, or by cataloging them as separates into the collection.  Things seems to be moving along now.  We are indeed interested in preserving your creations and making them available to everyone via our online catalog.   
I appreciate your patience, generosity, and continuing interest in our common alma mater.  I will try to do a better job of keeping you posted on our activities and apologize for any misunderstanding or miscommunication.  
Best wishes,
Morris Martin
Head, Music Library and Ozier Sound Archives
B.A.(Music and English), 1965.  M.A. (Music and History), 1974.


Hello Morris Martin,

I believe I sent you my music back in 1998 or 97. this was 10 years ago.

This is Greg Henry Waters, I was wondering when you are going to index my music?  And could you please send me my jazz book, it is the music in the folders, about 13 of them.
also my trumpet sonata.

the new york performing arts library did a great job for me. How about you?  Please stop hiding my music, It is 40 years of work.  Thank You
http://catalog.nypl.org/iii/encore/home?lang=eng You can view my scores by entering my name at the library url greg waters

Or you can go to my score page and at the bottom are the links to these files.  I have written you many times and you never respond to me. http://www.greghenrywaters.com/scores

Please respond OK!

Greg Henry Waters

You have had my music for years. I feel I should not have sent it to you now.  Where would music be without composers and creative people.  What would you put in your library if there
were not people like me. Greg, thanks for writing. We are indeed working on your things! Most cataloged items do not actually appear in the online catalog until they are back from the bindery (or processing); you will begin to see some of these appear in our catalog soon. At any given moment hundreds (if not thousands!) of items are in this limbo. Our staff is doing a survey of your things in the next couple of weeks to check on the status.

As I remember, at first, the main purpose was to give the collection a home when you were moving out of the country, and then later we were trying to decide whether to make your items available through a website, or by cataloging them as separates into the collection.  Things seems to be moving along now.  We are indeed interested in preserving your creations and making them available to everyone via our online catalog.   
I appreciate your patience, generosity, and continuing interest in our common alma mater.  I will try to do a better job of keeping you posted on our activities and apologize for any misunderstanding or miss-communication.  
Best wishes,
Morris Martin
Head, Music Library and Ozier Sound Archives
B.A.(Music and English), 1965.  M.A. (Music and History), 1974.

Needless to say, I am upset about this!

Letter to http://www.petervinograde.com/


You fixed up your web site, wow.  Getting serious great.  I have an idea, when  you perform an all Bach concert you should dress in the style of clothes from that period.

I know your a PHD and all, but sounds like fun to me.  Like your web site. Big improvement on the old one. Listening to John's G piece for flute and orchestra again.  It is a lot nicer piece than I first thought because he is trying to decide to compose far out or more traditional style.  I think he finally decides he likes more traditional style.  Now he is getting far out.  No need for all that Shit I think.  But I guess he wants to be modern.  I am sick of modern.  I want to compose music more traditional now.  Bartok with all that percussion.  John is doing that too.  What ever happen to melody?  My Mother always use to say play the melody, maybe she wasn't wrong on that one.  A good jazz drum solo is better, no need for all that pounding.  Shockett wanted me to take his class.  Bach would not teach composition to anyone unless they were on the genius level.  I spent two days in that class with a woman teacher, John was out of town.  I could not take it I left.  I did not see any real musicians there from what I saw them do and speak.  Well, so much for music education.  My daughter listens to all this rap music.  Makes me sick, I tell her to turn it down all the time so when I am listening to my music she tells me to turn it down. haha

Going to Lehman woke me up, I just did not know what to do with music anymore.  Now, I have some direction.

How did your recording go over the holiday.  You never told me about it.

Your flute player is very beautiful.  Their CD on his web site. I have been studying the performance style of Paula Robison, wow what a player she is.

I bought a couple of Chinese made flutes, it would have cost too much to fix my old flute.  (Yamaha Open Tone hole b joint. ) Did you ever hear Paula play Handle, it is almost like  jazz with all the embellishments and the change in rhythm with the notation. Except the recording has too much flute and not enough cello and harpsichord.

Getting along better with the children and my daughter.  My health seems to be better.  I practice the last two days on both flute and piano.
When my flute playing gets on a higher level I will make a little classical recording.

But my right index finger is a little painful though from playing the piano..

Lydia looks like quite the woman.  Can you handle her or does she handle you?
I think she handles you.  I would let her do that to me.

Would you like my wife to translate the Chinese into English?  A lot of interesting pieces there.  I think my next project will be a flute sonata.

I wrote a major work for piano, flute and Mezzo Soprano years ago. 

Always Greg


Columbia jazz program:

Yes I've been very busy adjusting to taking care of the kids.  Sometimes I want to pull my hair out. For how can I practice my instruments, clarinet, Flute, Sax and now Piano, read my history books and theory books, compose music and or edit music I have all ready written.  Market my music and write articles on items
I think are important. My Lehman experience revived my love of Baroque music and I have always wanted to perform on the piano but never had the time.
Years ago I composed music for the harpsichord and recorders. I forgot I have to take care of my health everyday too.
I have learned that I cannot do it all, but only some of it.  You see, having so much ability is such a burden for at times I do not know where to begin or what is most important.  According to Quantz, On Playing the Flute that talent is a burden because we hurry too much without enough study.  Which in a way is true from my experience.  Now I am just trying to study especially Handel Flute Sonatas I have been working on this last month.

I love to play jazz and compose music for it when I have real musicians to perform and who want to create real new music.  But I have found out that jazz musicians are into conformity to such a great extent that they do not change.  So for now until I get an opportunity to create some live music I will put it aside.  I am so sorry I stopped performing classical music when I got out of college, but I did continue to compose classical music and jazz.  On reading Quantz's book I have learned that the problems that exist today are the same problems that existed during the Baroque era.  The laws of music will always be there no matter what the commercial community does.

When I was 26 I won the mid-west woodwind award when I was in Graduate School in Chicago for composition.  When I read the review of my performance I discovered the teachers were reviewing my work from the tradition of jazz of the 40's which I stepped out of that tradition during that performance.  I could not understand why they did not get it.  So I did not go to Berkeley with my scholarship for the teachers were into traditional jazz so much.  I still find this problem today.  Maybe music isn't suppose to grow and is still why we love the music of the Baroque so much. But even in the Baroque all the composers had their own style of both form and harmony. I find jazz musicians just copy one another over and over again.  The same tunes the same way for over 70 years or more.

My friend said to me that Greg you can place your stamp on it even though it maybe a repetition at least it is yours.

Thanks, just a few thoughts from when I read that article from Columbia University.  My friend Don Hahn use to teach there, a trumpet performer.


I hope today can bring some joy to your lives.  Christmas is always emotional in some way because it has to do with family.

I idea of Christ is a strange one in so many ways, faith is having to believe in the unknown.  How can we believe in the unknown?

This is why I believe in religious music because one can feel it, it is not unknown.

The last seven months with your help I have been trying to find out what is music. I decided one has to choose what is music.
Music is like life good and bad.  For me my music has always been a gateway to live a pure life in an evil world for there is so
little good and a lot of bad for me.

OKay this is about it,
The meaning of Christmas is to believe and have faith and to remember your loved ones.

I heard back from Morris Martin, he said he will be cataloging my material soon and they are working on it.

Really not sure of what to think about all this for I was out of the country for over five years.

Just cannot understand what would take so long.  I could not use the music so I thought the school could
for they have the physical means and maybe some money.  The politics of it all is beyond me too.
Anyway, at least my music is not lost and that was the reason to send it to NT.  To leave it in my apartment
was not a good idea since I have been robbed several times when I go on my trips.

The school has changed so much since I went there.

Anyway, I got a nice letter from Morris and assures me he will keep me posted on the progress.
I hope he does. I hope you can look into some too.  I would really appreciate it.

Not easy being a creative musician in our era.  On the news today they had this guy kissing another guy
during the singing show.  How discussing for me that music in our country is of such a low nature. and the
musical professional community says nothing about this or rap.


Greg Henry Waters
Artist of Music



I was a 1966 graduate of NT.  I sent all my original compositions to NT since I was moving out of the country
and I did not want to leave my life's work in my apartment in NYC.

This was about 1997 or so, do not remember the year really, but about 10 years ago.

I have been contacting Morris Martin for years asking him when he will catalog my music into the library.

He never answers me.  I just do not know what to do.  I am very angry about this and if I call him on the phone
I am afraid I would make things worse.  I did not send my music there to be put in storage.

Anyway, I just updated my score page if you want to see what the Performance Arts Library did for me here in New York City.

My six horn jazz book is there and I do not have a copy of it.  I would like to get that back too. Plus he has a lot of other material
too.  It makes me think he is waiting for me to die or something.

Not a fun situation for me.  I do not know who to contact at NT either about this.  I wrote several letters already.

Please let me know something. Since you have the same background somewhat as I do I thought I would write you.

Greg Henry Waters

http://catalog.nypl.org/iii/encore/home?lang=eng type in my name greg waters
about 50 pieces will come up but no trumpet sonata

it must be in my NT library at the NT University music library

my jazz book is there too for six horns and rhythm, what a shame that is, i have a four horn book not as developed though to start a group if you like

i am kind of burned out really

http://www.greghenrywaters.com/baroque/mp3/indexmp3.html  improved site now


got it together some

at 12.30 Peter Vinograde a PhD in Piano will perform the Goldberg Variations

Peter also teaches at the performing arts school Manhattan School of Music. We are so lucky to have him here.

I put the files on my web site so you can listen before
the concert to the music.


just look for bachgoldberbvar mp3 and pdf score of the pieces.

also i placed two biber pieces there with scores, you know we just do not have to look at the Schulenburg book to study this music.

Peter is one of the great musicians, I learned this by studying piano with him, it was just luck really, but he knows so much about the piano and the inner workings of the melodic line in Bach's music that I am so grateful to have him as a teacher even though I am such a terrible piano performer. But maybe someday I will learn to play even at my age. I am trying everyday now.

So hope to see you at the concert for me it is an outstanding event at our school and it is free. This is important for me.

We cannot ask for more.

The Goldberg is Bach's one of the most important works, when it comes to the keyboards.

For me it was a change in his style of composing.

Greg Henry Waters
Artist of Music, Classical and Improvisation Music, Jazz etc.


Dear Prof. Kaminski:

I decided today that I will not be attending class any more because I decided it is better I take care of my daughter's baby.

I can study on my own from this point and I know a lot about Bach and beyond, it was the early music that I was really interested in.

She always asked me if I am going to school today?  I finally figured out what she meant what is more important me and my baby or your school.

So I guess I made a decision about this.  Anyway, this is life.  I am not really interested in the composer's lives but their music.

Thanks for everything.

Always Greg

greg's thoughts for this week

so many composers who compose at a high level

so many composers not too famous but their music is great

so many composers that are not in the book D-S's

the early baroque music is so calm, later it gets more rhythmic with rhythmic patterns

modern music is always looking for a climax not just a story or comment for our peace of mind

so much to study and look at

got to get ready for school, i missed last week, no time

the mundi school has lots to listen too, i wonder if there is a list of all the composers of the baroque with their dates and parts in history?????

the mundi records really opened up the area of music



Mac, or Windows, Linux is free for the software. It works too if one takes the time to learn it.

I have linux on three computers. Can do everything that windows does or Mac.

Letter to Dean of Music Lehman College, NYC CUNY System!

I spoke with David Claman today.

He doesn't seem to be able to help me at all his knowledge is the same as my knowledge at this point.  He is a composer not a phd in computer music science.  He knows nothing about the computer music lab from Stanford Un. so I am really on my own again.  He is an Apple man too.

I just will hang there and see what I can come up with on my own.

I am not going to go out and buy 5000 dollars worth of computer audio equipment when I have it all from the windows and linux system in a 500 dollar computer.

His interest in music is along the rock lines and sound generating sound effects also not in my line of interest which is jazz classical music composition and performance.

I was given a new piano teacher, Peter.  I am really enjoying learning the piano for I have been a performer most of my life and it suits me, and I do not have to perform with other musicians which I really like.

I really want to drop the music composition course.  Thank you for the thought, but I have been composing music for 40 years and performing too.  I really do not need this course.

Thank You so much for your concern about me.

Sincerely, Greg Henry Waters
Artist of Instrumental Music