Greg Henry Waters Newsletter September 2008-2

Hi folks, it seems like I do not do very much in life right now because I am home a lot and do not deal with the public directly like when I was working two or three jobs a week to earn a living. Now, that I am retired, but still working for my health and kids, but not going out and earning money directly.  When one is 65 one just doesn’t seem to have the energy for work like when I was younger.  I have not been paying much attention to music lately because I wonder what more can I do.  I personally am very sick of marketing myself in music. So now I am enjoying learning about supplements and learning what they can do for my-self and others.

I started a Meetup Group for health success and friends to maybe try to help others in their search for a happy life.  I think to have a fulfilling life is really what is important and knowing one is contributing something honest and worth while to our community.  Recently, I became aware of the Agent Orange Movement and the Vietnam Community and Cambodian Community Health needs in the Bronx.  As you may or may not know the Vietnam War was a big obstacle in my life and created many problems for me.  Anyway, I was happy to attend a seminar conducted by a local grass roots group here in the Bronx and sponsored by other Health Groups and New York University.

The Vietnam War is still with us and shall not go away for a long time.  How soon we forget and how soon I forgot about all of this.  Now it is back in my memory and hopefully we can change our country for the better.

Here is my letter to the group who sponsored this health seminar.

I really enjoyed the Friday night meeting and the road down memory lane.  You see, the Vietnam War was a big part of my life too and I suffered many difficulties from it.  Since then and now, that I am older, I am more aware of health problems, and I am sure it came from my efforts to fight against the Americans being in the war, for I have number 2 diabetes and heart disease too. It was a very difficult time for me for I had to turn against my own country and fight the powers at that time, and it also destroyed my relationship with my family for many years and still now we do not feel very close to each other, due to our differences in views..

Also, a few years after the war I was teaching at
Roosevelt High School in the Bronx when all the refugees came in the school and I sometimes worked in the ESL classes.  Of course I had no idea of the trauma the students suffered or they had no idea of my relationship to the war. You know I haven't thought about this for over 25 years.  It has taken me over five or six days to even understand all of this.

And since I have been active in my wife's company about wellness products it has changed my attitude to supplements and my own health and of course was the reason I attended the seminar on the conditions of the Vietnamese and Cambodian People in the
USA.  This started me on a new level of health awareness, and to my surprise in educating people about these issues; it is very difficult and at times seems impossible. So now we are in a new time and a new place in the history for all of us.  I guess we will only move forward very slowly on these issues because our government never wants to admit and wrong doing.

The divide between the doctors, drug companies and patience’s is an awful one and it is not only difficult for your community to get health care. I believe this it is a national problem.  If you have time please view Gary Null's movies on health care.

These movies shocked me and I think they are good for all who care about health should view.  For me, our health community is somehow all caught up in test and not in wellness for the body is also a tool to self healing.  Between the food companies, fast food restaurants, pizza products, etc., drug companies working for mighty profits are really an attack on our health and it affects us all.
These products may not be killing us but our making us all very sick.  Shopping in the supper market is a test of survival and weight management. The drug advertisements on TV are a disgrace especially when they list all the side effects.  Are they kidding or what? With the cost of food going up makes it even more difficult for all the good products cost more. So I have to buy less quality food.

Once we are active again we can use supplements to build up our body and begin to heal ourselves through natural products that come from the earth and not from harsh chemicals.

Agent Orange, I believe the chemical companies who created this chemical should pay for the medical treatment for all the people affected by this chemical.  They should at lease provide special health centers for the Asian Community with all the requests your study proposed.  America is a country built on war and the war machine.  It is an awful part of our history and nothing to be proud of from a humanity point of view.  (Atom Bombs, Agent Orange, attacks into Vietnam and Iraq)  Let alone, all the war effort in Korea and that conflict is still going on..

I just wanted to congratulate all of you on your great effort to make the
USA a more responsible country and fight the injustices that others have brought us.

Greg Henry Waters
Composer, Musician, Yogi and Wellness Advocate

Here is a letter from who did all the work for the health event.  I really think it expresses the compassion and the hurt that the victims of war are dealing with.

Hi Greg:

Thanks you for your thoughtfulness and sharing with us your story.  I guess in one way or another we are connected through our shared history and struggles, and it continues to be impacted by it. 
The community members said they felt strong and supported by the amount of people who spoke and showed up at the event.  This is the kind of thing that inspires me to continue to fight and serve my community.  Through this process I have developed the deepest respect, compassion for people of war and violence in a way that's different from how I had thought about it.  Their stories are mine, their sadness is mine, and their joy and happiness are mine; I have embraced the community in hope that they will embrace me as well.

It has been hard seeing them suffer so much yet have so much love for each other and continue to survive.  3 of my 10 aunts and uncle are diabetic and 4 have some kind of mental illness.  This is both personally and politically to me. I have no choice but to seek justice for them with people, like yourself, who deeply feels and understands it.

Thank you for all of your support and we hope you continue to support the campaign for justice.


Well, with the election coming up I hope this will help you decide who is the best candidate to lead our country?  Thanks, Greg Henry Waters

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