How can we promote instrumental Music?

My main purpose in the letter was to try to get schools to create an educational TV channel  for children and teach them about instruments and the history of music. But they never do they just cover up the truth as much as they can like the public schools do here in NYC.

But never  interest from them just indifference, the local media only promote rock and entertainment music not instrumental music,

if no one hears our music
how will people like it?

Dick Clark died and he had 300,000,000 million dollars in his bank account from what I heard.  What instrumental musician has this kind of money?

Dean Scott was not too happy with my letter so I replied to him, but no sense in sending it to the President of the University and I just found out that the president doesn't write these letters he sends out to the alumni, it is only a marketing tool. Why is dishonest behavior so accepted in our society and all the accepted lies. I am not here to hurt anybody but just to create some change

Dean Scott's letter is at the end of this document.

I produced a local cable show for three years in the Bronx called the Music Show and the Children's music show.  30 shows and 30 The Music Show, with my own time and money.

Greg here from the lecture series on Friday. this was a lecture series on the Arts Development in Music and Painting at Lehman College here in the Bronx. On April 19th, three artists/arts educators of Lehman College will present a thought provoking workshop/discussion touching on the challenges of teaching in the arts, teaching future teachers, teaching the disciplines of music and art, and best practices. Please join us and be prepared to question and be creative.

This was my proposal for the lecture: Wanted to update you on Dr. Rosandich and his Artist Program for Sports and the Olympics.  I think it is a great idea to link Sports and the Arts.
Of course Sports gets so much attention in the media compared to the Arts.   Dr. Rosandich is an international sports advocate for health.

He has been all over the world training teachers and up lifting the exercise programs for youth and setting standards for what is a healthy body and what children need improvement.

Since I am a senior citizen now I really realize the importance of phys ical fitness. . Dr. Rosandich is trying to unite the World through Sport and Art, not through military expeditions like we have had in the last 69 years since my birth.

For the development of music there must be more education for the general public.  One thing I learned from my TV show productions is that the TV Industry does not have really standards when it
comes to content.  They are only looking for ratings as we all know and have experienced.  So just producing music students will not help the culture as we can see from popular media today.

I am a graduate from the University of North Texas Music and they also have no interest in general music education. NT music is the largest music school in the nation. I say most all music schools
are living in the past from the 30s, 40s and 50s.  This is not artistic development or meeting the realities of today.

 I say all students in high school should have a four year music program.  All college students should study an instrument for one year.  In this way there will be a better understanding of what music is.  I recently learned that rap artists have accumulated 150 million dollars. This is what the media respects not the content of it.

Someone should implement these ideas so we do not have such an ignorant population when it comes to music.

Here are URL for his articles on his programs.  I hope you can connect with the United States Sport Academy programs. Picture of a painting. Introduction to the Academy.

*A light lunch will be served.*

Thanks, Greg Henry Waters, Artist of Music and Raja Yoga

Copies to: James Scott, Dean NT Music, Denton, Texas
Diana Battipaglia, Dean Lehman College Music, Bronx, NY
President Rawlins, President Un. of North Texas
Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich, President, United States Sports Academy

Reply from Dean Scott from UNT Music

Scott, James wrote:

Greg, it is terribly unfair and incorrect for you to characterize UNT in the way you did in this letter. About 30-35% of all the credits generated by the College of Music are intended for the general student, not the music major.  We have doubled this percentage during my time as dean.  Further we are engaged in teacher preparation  in very serious ways.  Beyond having about 300 students dedicating their curricular efforts toward becoming teachers--primarily for people who will not try to become professional musicians--all undergraduate performance majors are required to study pedagogy.  The musical education of the general public, particularly for coming generations, is very close to the heart of our efforts.  I am offended that you miscast us in such a way, and hope that you will set the record straight.

James C. Scott, Dean
College of Music
University of North Texas

Answer from Greg Henry Waters

Well, I don't know what is fair.  I know fairness is not in Hollywood and why music schools to not fight against Hollywood and their standards.  I have not heard any comment about Hollywood and the fact that they go for many forms of popular music in their productions; only thing I hear from NT is the praises Hollywood gives NT students.

You always promote Grammy winners from NT.  Do you ever say anything about rap music and compare it to other forms of music.  I know the teacher from Lehman defended himself when I brought it up in class.  You promote the music an career of Lou Mirini, my classmate, and he became famous by playing Rock'n Roll blues.  I went to his web site and this is all the kind of music he plays.  He is a great musician but has to lower his standards to make a living, or it looks like he really enjoys this music, don't know.

How about all the orchestras who do not have budgets.  I did not push my kids into music because of all the trouble I had for following my own way.

The one o'clock plays at major jazz festivals and competes against other big bands. I know of four great big bands here in NY that just rehearse mostly and are looking for gigs.
You guys have a budget and money from the State, no one here gets money for ads or for travel.  I wonder where all your students are going to work that you graduate?

I just think it is time schools take responsibility for what is going on in performance, recording industry, new music performance, standards in music, there is no opposing voice for standards in music.

When I had my music show in the Bronx (TV) I would walk around and people would say hi to me, oh you have the music show.  Now that I stopped it no one knows me.  Lehman school never even mentioned the fact about my show.  The professors are always right I might repeat.

How can I make it right, I am talking about TV production about educating the General Public not about music students.  This is the same thing the Ass. Dean at Lehman said to me he is educating everybody.  I hardly think so.  All the jazz musicians from the 60' and 70's went into education to earn a living.  This is what I am speaking of.  Sorry I wasn't clearer in my letter but the purpose of my letter was to promote sports and the arts or just making some changes in the concept of modern education.

This was not an attack and I am sad that you feel this way.  I was hoping for a response for change not just to put me down.

Greg Henry Waters
Quantz complained about playing dance music because it lower his standards of performance. He stopped playing dance music and the oboe too. I might say this has happened to me too.  Music is a devil of a career for so many different influences.

NYC schools stopped promoting instrumental music some 30 years ago and now look what we have.  Did the music schools fight against this?

More discussion about this subject and what is real music was the question presented to me.
I have been thinking about your question what is great music? Well if you like it maybe it is great! I use to think musicians were moral and good people. But they do not think about being good people they only think about how well they are doing and good they look or sound. So I have thought great music was an accident more than anything. The problem with music it is used for social events or shows, TV nothing to do with the art of music. This is the problem I find with TV it is all guitar music and singing. For me it is all pure vanity in so many ways. Handel's water music was for an outdoor event. Is that musical art When they have music for two different purposes? Chamber music is only for listening. Dance music is for dancing not listening. This is the problem I find with TV it is all guitar music and singing. For me it is all pure vanity in so many ways. Handel's water music was for an outdoor event. Is that musical art When they have music for two different purposes? Chamber music is only for listening. Dance music is for dancing is that art music? Movie music is for the movie not for the purpose of the music. So is that great music? Music is a business for making money. How can this be great music? People have no education when it comes to music they like, only what other people tell them. Or they just think the subjective thought patterns of their friends. Is that great music? Also the performers abilities come into it and do they play their instrument with the highest of skills? This really goes into great music. So all the parts have to be there. I don't think there is an answer to your question really. It goes to your listening skills also. Greg

For me great music is when it is just about the music or the instrument. Melody, harmony, volume, tone, composition form and all working together for a complete sound and purpose of joy.

Steve Stoddards reply:
Dear Greg, Thanks for a great answer to my question. Coming from a real musician, I feel I can trust it more. I think you are right about
a deficiency in the public's general knowledge of music but don't see how you can demand a change in our educational system to accommodate the
shortcomings. It's a little like leading a horse to water but you can't make it drink. Many of us got what we know about music by simply going
concerts and being exposed to it. Then, if you like it you repeat the process and preferences evolve about choices in type of music. ie.
jazz, classical etc. Our government, at least here in Wisconsin, focuses on business so money is directed into programs that are more likely to produce jobs. This leads to increased class size and omission of areas that seem superfluous to those decision makers. Arts in general
suffer. Funding for the universities is reduced and programs like head start are on the block. I think evidence is pretty good for
formative periods in brain function to make a conclusion that teaching language ( isn't music a form of language? ) to the very young students. So maybe a general course or exposure to music should be considered at the pre-school level and followed up when children are better able
to articulate what appeals to them. I wouldn't expect us all to arrive at the same place but there is enough richness and variability in
music to accommodate the demands. I agree with you that talent, dynamics, composition, and especially listening are important. I can't
imagine a world without it though. I don't know of anything that comes close to shaping ones mood, lifting the spirit, bringing memories back, inciting a sense of passion or raising an awareness of rhythm as does music. Your vocation has been a gift to you for the
opportunity to participate, and to those with the ability to listen and "hear" your message. Steve

My comment to Steve and his answer, an educational public TV Show and not like PBS which is just another form of commercial TV and to promote the rich foundations etc.

My proposal was to have a children's music show which I had here in the Bronx for 60 shows that the public enjoyed that I demonstrated instruments, music concepts, and performance. I would walk around when I was outside and people would speak to me about my show. I did not get any money for this so I had to stop it. No money no purpose for my own life and family. I recently sent letters to Lehman College in the Bronx and Un. of North Texas to bring up the subject. I got back insults from them because they thought they were doing a great job. Do you ever hear instrumental music on TV on our news programs. I never do. It is all guitar music, dancing is that art? music. I have been thinking about your question what is great music? Well if you like it maybe it is great! I use to think musicians were moral and good people. But they do not think about being good people they only think about how well they are doing and good they look or sound.

This letter came out of three or four e-mails which I responded to and the lecture series from the teacher development department at Lehman College. Also I heard on TV the Rap Artists had large bank accounts up to 150 million dollars. They never went to music school so I was wondering why do music students go to school when they could go into popular music and earn this kind of money? Something certainly is wrong with the values in our Country.