The shooting, who's fault is it? Tucson

by Greg Henry Waters on Sunday, January 9, 2011 at 11:28am

How can a nice man like Loughner mind gets so turned around by our Government's behavior to do what he did, what I hear on the news is the officials never look at themselves about their own behavior, same with 9/11 Our mentally ill government brings this all on. He said he cannot trust our Government. Who can, I was told by our immigration department that I am not an American and I have to prove it to them. What nonsense! In support of my wives immigration application.Our government treats us like a money tree for them so they can spend the money which ever way they want.

All week the media has been putting blame on this young man, Jared Lee, always trying to place the blame away from our government officials, but always remembering that our government started all these wars and they should be held responsible for them not the people of our country.

Our country failed this young man, and his school failed this young man by not allowing him to have a voice in his opinions. Just because his opinions were different doesn't mean you put him into the street.

Our government is responsible for all the drugs in this country too. So if Jared was smoking a little pot he should be sent to a clinic not put out on the street.

It is so easy to blame this young man, but the truth is our sick society and its values killed all those people not this young man. He was just lost kid in a big world. But the politicians are good at self promotion and they will bury this kid that is for sure and raise their own opinion of themselves.

Who would want to fill out all the forms from our immigration department, it is completely insane. Plus all the new fees

they never had fees before! We have been working on this for over six years. Such insanity no wonder people cross the border without papers.

Our lawyer said the immigration department here in NYC, 26 Federal Plaza, 7th Floor, made the mistake by rejection our application. We full filled all the requirements.

Sick of it all

Greg Henry Waters

A conversation with John Murphy of North Texas Jazz Department

by Greg Henry Waters on Wednesday, January 5, 2011 at 12:05pm

It reminds me of the republican party making all kinds of comments about the other party. It is only about promoting their interests not the truth.

NorthTexas Jazz January 2 at 11:22am Report

Dear Mr. Waters,

On what basis do you call the VV critics' poll racist? Why must you post such consistently negative material as commentary on the North Texas Jazz site? I was simply trying to provide convenient access to samples of the music that critics found worthy of mention.

John Murphy


UNT Division of Jazz Studies

Greg Henry Waters January 2 at 11:31am

Because you are living in the Dark Ages there. U are doing things that were done 50 years ago. Jazz is suppose to be a creative art? I believe jazz is a racist art form from my personal experience. You all are into the status quo as far as I am concerned.

Cannot you move jazz into a new era?


Artist of music, not a teacher

North Texas Jazz January 2 at 11:42am Report

Our students learn about the past as preparation for creating new music, and they create a lot of new music. When was the last time you visited the UNT campus? I shall now remove your comment. If people want to partake of your unsupported generalizations about jazz, jazz journalism, and our curriculum, they can visit your page.

Greg Henry Waters January 2 at 11:42am

You have to live in NYC for 25 years or more to understand what I am saying. Jazz is no longer a creative art form it is a cult.

NorthTexas Jazz January 2 at 11:43am Report

When was the last time you visited the UNT jazz program?

Greg Henry Waters January 2 at 11:45am

Ok Ok professor keep teaching and live in your dreams. You have no idea what I am speaking of. The VV promotes ideas of writers who no really nothing about music.

NorthTexas Jazz January 2 at 11:48am Report

I'll keep waiting for you to back up your assertions with evidence. Which writer, specifically, are you talking about? What is one example of something that writer has published that demonstrates that he or she knows nothing about music?

Greg Henry Waters January 2 at 11:50am

u r into education, degrees, proof, and not into the truth of music.

Greg Henry Waters January 2 at 11:54am

jazz is a copy cat music, made for tv and movie production, not for freedom of expression, i learned this when I had a review of my performance in 68 by the Berkely college of music when I won the woodwind award for the outstanding woodwind player of the event.

Nothing has changed since then.

Greg Henry Waters January 2 at 11:55am

the truth always hurts

Greg Henry Waters January 3 at 8:36am

have been thinking about your response to my comments, I think NT should move out of Denton and into New York or some other big city.

U are so sheltered from the politics of jazz. Last night Wynton was on 60 minutes and Max Roach was on ABC. They both never mentioned any white musician like white jazz musicians are not real.

why are these black musicians getting away with this is my question? why does the white jazz community pretend this is not happening. All the major music schools around New York have a jazz department they are mostly all controled by black musicians.

the Vanguard band works once a week and get paid 75 dollars a night, you call this a career. I am sorry I do not. Tom Malone plays on Tonight show. Is that jazz, I hardly think so.

NBC show now has a vocal band for the most part. When are you people going to start defending jazz and the work place and stop pretending that it is all great.

Greg Henry Waters

Greg Henry Waters January 3 at 8:40am

I started some years ago to write reviews when I learned how phony they are with Giddons and all that crowd. It is ashame we do not have real musicians write reviews. Did you read my music news page and take the time to review my thoughts? I hardly think so. A review is just a promotion for the group or musician it is not a true evaluation in my opinion. Just as our government is so currupt so is our business of presenting quality music. I tunes is the next business model that controls music like the record companies use to do. The business community has taken over the internet it is no longer a free exchange of ideas.

Sincerely, Greg Henry Waters

NorthTexas Jazz January 4 at 8:24pm Report

Dear Mr. Waters,

Yes, I did visit your site when you first started commenting on the North Texas Jazz Facebook page. I visited it again today.

From our communication so far it's plain to me that there's no chance of us ever having a productive conversation about jazz. Our only common interest might be Linux, which I also have an interest in.

Best wishes,

John Murphy

Well John, at NT you guys miss the point of jazz composition and swing. It sounds just about technique and not about music. It is too bad people like you teach young people. You are cheating them, to build your own ego. As Jurdjeiff would say you are all puffed up with your own importance.

Best Wishes Greg Henry Waters

2011 Thoughts

by Greg Henry Waters on Saturday, January 1, 2011 at 8:09am

Be thou a spiritual warrior of Truth. Put on the armour of discrimination. Wear the shield of dispassion. Hold the flag of beliefs. Sing the song of life. March boldly with the band of the brave.—Om Om Om. Blow your instrument of courage. Kill the enemies of doubt, ignorance, passion and egoism and enter the illimitable kingdom of blissful happiness. Possess the imperishable wealth of love. Taste the divine immortal essence. Drink the nectar of Immortality. Tell the Truth!

Obedience or disobedience, To me disobedience is a great revolution. It simply means deciding whether to do it or not, whether it is beneficial to do it or not. It is taking the responsibility on yourself. It is not a question of hating the person or hating to be told, because in the hating you cannot act obediently, disobediently; you act very you act very unconsciously. You cannot act intelligently.

I thought the TV presentation on New Years Eve was a shame and a disgrace to our culture. We have great music, but the media doesn't see it that way. They are just too lazy to search out a real program that will bring support to our culture and not degrade it with their musical performances.

Why we cannot move forward and we always stay with the old traditions for when we realized that when the average person is presented with new information, brand new material, three things can happen: 1) The material

is rejected out of hand; 2) The material is viewed skeptically, without understanding; or 3) The material is accepted whole, but still without understanding. These results occur because most people receive information mechanically, without engaging their active attention. And without active attention there can be no real understanding.

In order to engage our interest and awaken our active mind.

Our media is keeping our population stupid and slaves to the media, not free thinking people, but just mental slaves.

Thankgiving Weekend, wow, it certainly was reflective and emotional.

by Greg Henry Waters on Sunday, November 28, 2010 at 10:56am

Well, folks, when one gets older one should write down their reflections of life according to some great yogis.

For the most part I had a great week-end. I spent too much money on food but I cannot say it did not turn out OK.

I shopped for the food and my daughter Leslie's cooked the turkey and it really turned out well and we have been eating it now for four days.

Even though everything is very stable in my life right now I was so emotional about the past and my estranged family. I have three brothers, two children and a Mother I do not communicate with. I was thinking all this holiday how can I do this for they never call me , write me or speak to me. I have spent so much time and effort to make this better in my life but never have I gotten progress with this effort. Can never get mutual respect. I live in an Archie Bunker world with thoughts so out of control that don't make any sense or have any reason. If I bring up a point I am quickly shot down for them. So now I just think about my missing family on the holidays and enjoy my present family with my wife Polly, daughter Leslie and her two lovely boys, Julius 3 and Antonio 2. I get these big hugs from Antonio everyday for he comes to me and wants me to pick him up which I do and I get a big hug. This is all a person needs in life is a hug from a baby like Antonio, but then Julius jumps in and I have to carry two boys at the same time.

I have come to the conclusion that some problems in life we just cannot solve. And this brings me into my music situation. Being a jazz classical musician certainly doesn't place me in a positive position as a famous musician. For unless one follows the popular trends in the music industry the business people behind the music are not interested.

On TV this morning I saw a history of folk music, the River Dance Group, and boy do they have a lot of music out there. Plus a Canadian group, the four tenors just released a Christmas Album doing all the pop traditional Christmas Songs,

cannot anyone come up with something new? My Daughter listens to popular rap music, this makes me sick too, but I cannot fight it any more. One cannot teach culture it is in them or it is not.

Here is my attempt at Christmas Music. But I wanted this to sound like jazz music and Christmas music not just the traditional arrangements. I believe I succeeded in this. You can listen here. I hope you can enjoy this Album featuring the Saxophone Family.

Last week I wrote a review about a Irish flute player which is here. I have been studying the flute for the last year or so and trying to perform many of the classical Baroque pieces. I joined the NY Flute Club and the NJ Flute Club, but what I have found out is that they too are not so opened minded, and into just traditional musicians and are like folk musicians in that they are not liberated, but certainly seem to think they are, I am really confused about all this and do not have a final opinion. But the flute makers have been going wild about making new flutes. But they are too expensive to buy and the economic pressure is on the flutist not on a company or foundations to buy new instruments and promote groups and concerts. So this for me has gotten emotional too. For I composed and arranged mostly music of Bach for these instruments but I cannot get the flute community interested in them. So this is emotional for me too.

So with my estranged family and my music situation the holidays have been reflective and emotional.

We have to control our thoughts for a positive out come.

Sincerely, Greg Henry Waters

Bathroom Over Hall

by Greg Henry Waters on Sunday, November 21, 2010 at 9:41am

Having to deal with music when my bathroom is being remodeled by a drunk or heavy drinker. It wasn't fun. I had to stop him from coming into my apartment after a while. It took one week of him coming and going. For over 20 years water has been dropping down on the lower floors because of a broken pipes. I was always blamed for this. I was told not to use my shower by the tenant below. Got a new landlord so he is really trying to fix the building after 75 years of no repairs or more. They had to go to the fourth floor apartment and tear open the ceiling to fix the problem.

I made a phone call one or more times to the owner every day. My point is why cannot people manage their own affairs and not put them off on others. It is amazing how other people can mess up our lives. This has been a burden on me for so long and I did nothing except move into this building.?

I took the old landlord to court four times. Phoned HPD so many times and spoke to the directors. I asked them if they had heat? They said yes. I said why don't I have heat. This had been going on for so long. Finally the city forced the owner to sell the building. But even with the new owner it is stressful, for he repaired everybody's apartment before mine. One day HPD inspector showed up. I guess he told them repair it or else. So still they are not doing me any favors. I told the owner how can you send a drunk into my living space?

Anyway, I got a new floor and new tiles around the bathtub. And fixed pipes so no one can run up to my floor and yell at me for dripping water on them. It only took about 20 years to fix. Both the tenants below me passed on this was very stressful for them too.

I did all the repairs in my apartment since I have been here. This is the first time I got help from the landlord, only HPD came in and fixed my hanging door and broken window.

I do not know how people can create music when one has so many living problems, it is truly amazing.

Greg Henry Waters

The election, the arts, the future, the war with Mexico

by Greg Henry Waters on Wednesday, November 10, 2010 at 8:34am

I was reading CRAIN'S New York Business magazine and what I noticed it was all a lot of double talk when it came to the election. The opinion page was so confusing I could not understand it. They spoke all around the issues and I was wondering who reads this crap? Who understands this crap?

Sarah Palin, I cannot believe any one would vote for her. When I hear her voice screaming out it reminds me of a upset wife screaming at her husband. Can you believe such a woman is running for President. What is our country coming too.

Bravo for our President, can you believe a person of color is our President and he went to India a country of color and his Indonesia, he can do more just by showing up than a Bush could or any other white President. The republicans our idiots and are going to pull our country down. We live in a world of special interest not true liberty. Genghis Khan was successful because he had his 12 commandments. If you did not follow them you would be killed. He went to war over his ideals and destroyed the people who did not believe in his way. His wife suggested to him what was wrong with his people. Watch the movie Mongol and read about him on the internet, Tangut Kingdom and Mongols.

The Arts, Arturo O'Farrill complaining his group and friends are not receiving national attention like the

Arts at Lincoln Center. He is so right there is special interest that controls the music business. It reminds me of the Republican party. Have you noticed the news programs are talking about the same subject at the same time and even the same commercials come up at the same time, so if you switch from channel to channel you get the same info. I do not call this news, but political control.

Also so much advertising about drugs to improve our health with hundreds of side effects taking all these pills. You have more of a chance dieing in a hospital than if you stay home.

During the Mongol times if a member of another tribe was killed the tribes would go to war and the winner would kill everybody, sometimes, from the losing side. Genghis Khan stopped this tradition for the most part. But we have had so many people killed in Mexico and we still do nothing about it. Yet we can go to Iraq and Afgan. to promote war. Why do not we see we are at war with Mexico?

I believe our government and the business interest are controlling this because there is so much profit from drugs and guns.

You watch the morning TV news shows, I do mostly for the weather and some noise in the back ground.

But the attitudes of these commentators for me are awful. How can they laugh and play around when the world is in such a mess. And report on all these situations and the next minute laughing an joking that nothing was said. What do you think? They try to make us feel everything is OK. Well, folks it is not. Sorry about the bad news, but wake up from your sleep.

Anyway, just had to say something about these issues. Flute players I placed a new piece or arrangement on my score page for 10 to 12 C flutes. Brandenburg 5.1 for your viewing.

Larry King is off the air. I never watched him or liked his program.

Thanks for reading,

Greg Henry Waters, Artist and Yogi

Your ability to grow from Osho's book

by Greg Henry Waters on Saturday, October 23, 2010 at 1:03pm

A WOMAN came to me a few years ago. She sat just in front of me holding my feet, crying. It was a beautiful moment. Somehow, she had been able to feel me. But then she became afraid; then I could see --suddenly she left my feet, recoiled backwards. I asked her, "What has happened? Something was going deepin you -- why have you withdrawn yourself?" She said, " I am a professor in a university and I teach psychology -- this must have been a relapse, aregression. I must have regressed towards my childhood; you must have worked like a father-figure. No,this is nothing. Yes, something happened, but it was a relapse into childhood. Yes, something happened, butit was nothing but a sort of hypnosis. Your eyes got hold of me." Now she has explained it away. Something was on the way, something was really going to happen. One moment more and she wouldhave been a totally different woman, and there would have been no possibility of her falling back. Shewould have crossed the point of no return. But just before it, she recoiled back, became afraid. And, ofcourse, she was intelligent -- as intelligence goes -- a well-educated woman, capable of rationalizations. Sheimmediately produced a rationalization: "It may be a sort of hypnosis, or a relapse into childhood, or youmust have reminded me of my dead father." Now that which was happening has been cut. Many times God has reached you, and many times you have withdrawn yourself. Many times He haswalked with you and you have not recognized Him. Many times He has shouted at you: "Lazarus, come out!" and you won't listen. Or you think: "He must be calling somebody else -- Lazarus is not my name. " Letme tell you: Lazarus is your name! And don't think about this story just as a story. That's what Buddha has done, that's what Bodhidharmahas done, that's what Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu have done: they have shouted at you, they have taken you byyour hands and shaken you. Very few understand. In most of the cases people become angry, they becomeannoyed, because you are disturbing their sleep. They are sleeping and having beautiful dreams, goldendreams, sweet dreams, and you are disturbing their sleep. That's why they had to kill Jesus, murder Mansoor, poison Socrates -- these people were greatdisturbers. They were disturbing your sleep.

It is very difficult to see; when truth knocks at your door, it is very difficult to open the door and receivethe guest, and welcome the guest -- because when truth knocks at your door, suddenly you become awarethat you have been living up to now with lies, that up to now you have been untrue, that all yourdeclarations were false and all your dogmas were false. When truth comes face to face with you, suddenlyyour whole life is nullified. Your whole past has been just a darkness. It is too much for the ego to accept. Itis better to deny the truth, it is better to close the door, and say that truth never knocked at your door. It isbetter to say that there has been never a Buddha, never a Jesus, never a Krishna. It is better to say that tosave your own face. It is very difficult to understand that you don't understand. It is very humiliating. And think of anemperor: emperors have been thinking that they know everything; they have even been trying that they arethe representatives of God on earth, the very incarnations of God on earth. They have power -- power blindsthe eyes. It is very difficult to see that you are ignorant when you have money, respect, power. When othersthink that you know, it is very difficult.Shiko's fear was relevant.

A Review of Robert Dick's Master Class here in NYC 10/10/1010 by Greg Henry Waters

by Greg Henry Waters on Monday, October 11, 2010 at 1:36pm

Creativity, the will to be Creative! a review of Robert Disk's Master Class by Greg Henry WatersWell, I read an article from the New York Flute Club's News Letter about Robert Dick and decided to attend his master class on 10/10/1010. And interesting date don't you think. It was in a Lutheran Church on 57th and 9th Ave. It started about 2.15 and there were 8 performers that were there to study with him. Meg Browning, Tim Harrison, Amber Patrick, Mao Chia Ching, Lynette Ford, Sophia Sanders Jones, Jung yi Hsieh and Jinhee Jung. Three young ladies all from Taiwan

Robert Dick says he is a 21st Century Flutist which somehow I think is a little self conceited which is what I found out about during the class. He says he is a composer, performers and improviser, which of course is true, but there are limits to everything. My final impression was that to be creative one must follow the Robert Dick way of being creative. Which includes making the flute sound like an electric guitar, I say why not just hook up the flute to a computer with a microphone and all the guitar pedals and blast away. But he is killing himself with all these multiphonics, two and three notes sounds coming from the flute which at times were not very pleasing to the ear. And asking all these young students to spend so much time and money on this process when they should be out playing with others. I would hope Robert would tour with a rock band with his new concepts.

I studied the clarinet, saxophone and flute and one thing I learned was that tone was everything and a solid sound was important. But this idea for Mr. Dicks is not true; he almost accepts any sound as a valid sound or musical idea, which I cannot accept. And he even spent time cutting all the major flute teachers in New York, including Sam Baron, and Julius Baker and many more. He said that they were not creative and only thought about the traditions of the past. But he would of never learned the flute if that were the case. He kept promoting how wonderful he is and that he was above all these other musicians teachers was my impression. I am sure he will not accept this, but this was my impression

The violin is the must perfect instrument it can do all this and has been for 500 years or more. I just believe the flute is a single note instrument for the most part. We heard a Robert Dick piece on the program and it was called, Lookout (for flute alone). It was suppose to be a guitar solo or rock band feel for the flute. Well, something was wrong because I could not get it. Anyway, it was performed by Jinhee Jung, I only wish Robert was as sincere has Jinhee was. This is were I really got lost in the event and was ready to go home. All the things happening with computer music is really revolutionary but he never spoke of this.

Meg Browning was the first performer on a Telemann peace. He suggested that she bring out the harmony and rhythmic patterns which were very good suggestions. Most solo pieces has to do with the harmony; does the performer understand the harmony with the rhythm?

Tim Harrison, from England, performed the piece, Sonata by Hindemith, Robert got into vibrato here and tried to help Tim over come his English way of playing and play more like a soloist rather than an ensemble player. For me he was playing a solo piece like he would play it in a band or orchestra and not like a soloist. For playing in an ensemble one is not free to express oneself very much.

Amber Patrick was the next performer and she played Charles Griffes Poem. Robert always spoke of stage presentation with all the performers. He wanted all of them to be more secure on stage. He helped Amber with the flow of the line of the melody. He spoke of positive and negative feel in the rhythm and how one should accent them. For the most part he stayed with one point for each performer. And then moved on to the next. Of course there was only so much time for each flutist.

Mao Chia Ching, played Density 21.5 by Edgard Varese. She did a great job and sounded great and so professional too. I was really impressed. Robert could only tell her how to end the high notes just by stop sending air into the flute. Congratulations Mao from me, Greg Henry Waters

Lynette Ford was the next performer, Sonata in A Minor by CPE Bach. He got into periods of music for CPE Bach was a musician from the Baroque going into the classical. So this piece had these two elements in it and he was trying to explain how to perform it that way. He never spoke too much about breath control and going from one note to the other for smoothness. He only spoke of breath during his talk on vibrato.

Sophia Sanders-Jnes was the next performer: She played Henri Dutilleux Sonatine for flute which is a lovely piece. Robert is so full of his own opinions he should keep some of them to himself. He just came out and said this piece was no good and he would never play it. I thought this was so terrible for Sophia for I could tell this was no easy piece. In fact I am listening to it right now and it is a lovely piece of music. Anyway, he got into the cadenza some and stopped. Again he only stay on one point with each performer which really is not enough. Anyway, I was really upset for he did not want to go into this piece and Sophia worked so hard on it. Such a waste for her. This is a great piece and very difficult too. You can hear it on

Jung-yi Hsieh Sonata in D Sergei Prokofiev. She did a fantastic job too. Her ability to play the flute was equal to Mao and Robert, of course except for Robert's multiphonics. He just told everybody to listen to music and learn from that, put the flute in the case and listen to the music. His point was that Prokofiev wrote for the flute like he would write for violin. What is wrong with that the violin is the greatest of all instrumental instruments. All the great violin concertos, you know the reason I am so interested in the flute in my later years is because it covers the complete history of music where as the saxophone and clarinet are such new instruments. Congratulations Jung on a great performance too.

Robert never said anything about how well they played he always tried to bring the attention on himself. He told a lot of jokes and always laughed at them. He kind of looks like Groucho Marx.

Jinhee Jung played Lookout by Robert Dick: Jinhee tried really hard but the multiphonics were just too difficult for her according to Robert and I guess they were. I really just did not like the piece at all. It is one thing to follow the tradition of flute music but another not to follow it at all.

Musical art is a special thing and I thought Robert Dick took it beyond musical art.

I wanted to ask a question, he ignored me so since I paid money I thought I had a right to ask questions and not just sit there. I thought I was at an info commercial and not at a master class at the end of the event.

He is a wonderful flute player that is for sure, his dept about it is very deep, but at a certain point it goes beyond what music is and just into the Robert Dick world.

At the end of the program Robert got out is slide head joint and played a few guitar licks. I left.When I got home I had a big headache.

Sincerely. Greg Henry Waters

My answer to new music.