Greg Henry Waters Newsletter July 2007


Out of the world of my past came a phone call and a book called the Milwaukee Elks Youth Band Gala 51st Anniversary Reunion.  At first, I did not know what to think of it all, so I started to read the book and the lives of its members.  I must say I was so lucky to be surrounded by such a talented group of people.  Even though I was so busy growing up I had no idea who or what was there.


I noticed a few web sites and one in particular was Frederick L Hemke’s Web Site.  To me it was important because he was trying to reach out to people about music.  Quote, “In the performance of both concert music and jazz, the saxophone has become a vital and significant force in the musical world of the twenty first century.”  Wow I said to myself, here is a man who thinks about music and just does not use it or play it.  When I got to New York and started my own original jazz band I learned that musicians had very little connection with the music rather it was with the instrument they played.  So I started to write more about music.


When I lived in Toronto I created a performance lecture concert called Creativity and the Artist.


When in New York after several years I wrote a lecture concert called the Dark Age of Music.


Fred Hemke said, “For any of you who happen to come upon this site as a visitor, I welcome your ideas, insights, comments, and concerns.  It would be good to hear from you! I look forward to hearing from all of you!”


Wow, here is a man who really cares about music and just does not ‘use’ it.  After reading most all the bios in the anniversary book I thought I may have an audience for my fight against low standards in music.  When are musicians going to speak out to the media about how rap music and other forms of popular music are destroying our children minds and behavior?  Why are musicians so helpless in saving their jobs, talent and inspiration?


The media is killing instrumental music like it is nothing.  Doesn’t this get you upset?  As far as I know Fred and I are the only one’s who support this issue publicly. and


Gore’s Planet concert was all Rock’n Roll.  The political leaders have very little culture and only use music for their agenda and make us into prostitutes.  You people all have culture for instrumental music.  For the life of me I do not understand why no one stands up for it?  Especially people making a living at music, they go as low as the music goes.


In 1968 I graduated from Chicago Conservatory College with a Masters in Composition and Music Theory.  Now the school no longer is there it has been destroyed by our culture and look now what we have is a Gore and his other friends.


I have been watching the killing off of our music since that time and many of you have too.  I recently spoke with Jim Robak a lover of big band music and jazz who had an outstanding career in LA.  (By the way Jim gave me an opportunity to perform by first paying gig in Milwaukee and he introduced me to big band music.  I think it paid 8 dollars or so.)  Jim said to me, “The state of music and musicians is very much part of our Music Union’s not doing anything for so many years, and then when computers came in, anyone and everyone thought they were musicians and the reality was that most people can’t tell the difference.  Crap or rape is the acceptable norm.”  I love it, crap or rape!  I must compose a song called ‘crap or rape  Of course it wouldn’t sound close to either..


My own daughter, 16, is a rape lover.  I can do nothing to educate her about real music.  This is not acceptable to me.  Is it acceptable to you?  She is more apart of the black culture than the white culture.  I believe rape is an attack on the white culture and we are not fighting back.  We just let what goes on go on.  I ask myself, why are we not fighting back?  All the news media, entertainment industry and music schools support this.  Have we gone off the deep end?  Do we not demand standards? Oh, I know people will tell you that rape music is art and that these statements are racist.  Well folks, I do not want to act like a black person who promotes rap.  Is that my right or I have no rights anymore.  Is Gore the standard in music? Are we going to allow it?  I am not, but I can do nothing by myself.


I have been trying to speak out ever since my lecture in Toronto (around 1972).  But no one listens or pays attention to me.  Including so called professional musicians and composers and maybe they are the worse sinners.


My purpose in writing this letter is to inform you that I hope you have the courage to speak out for instrumental music, for that is who you are in many ways, voices of music.

Just like the cancer society speaks out for cancer we must have a group that speaks out for American Music.  One thing I loved about the Elks band is when we performed compositions written by Americans like Chester.   I could relate more to this music than the European music we played.  For some reason I thought European music doesn’t have a place in this country. It is music from a different time and history or a reflection of us, but not who we are.     


I cannot come to the event because I do not have the money.  After 55 years of continues effort in this field.  You see, my reward is only the joy of music.


Jim Stiewe wants to setup a web site.  I say set up a lobbying organization for American Instrumental music or performing artists against low standards in music.  Just like other organizations do.  What is wrong with us is my question?  Why do we not really care about our music?  Why cannot we work together more?  What is going on?


When I was in Acapulco for three years I learned Acapulco has no standards at all when it came to music, anything goes.  It is a long story to explain this.  When I was in China for two years I found out that Kenny G was the most popular musician.  I asked myself where is the harmony and rhythm section.  Kenny lives in a 25 million dollar house.


As Fred said would be glad to hear from you. 917-529-5915


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Greg Henry Waters Artist of Music and Raja Yoga