Greg Henry Waters Newsletter December 24, 2007

Welcome folks to my December Newsletter, so much has been going on with me in putting my life and thoughts in a book and placing my improvisational music on the Internet. It has been a lot of work and it seems that I almost do not have a life with people for I sit at the computer so much correcting and correcting the information which I have created. My book is almost 300 pages and my song book has about 170 songs which I could never play at one concert. I guess it would take more than 20 concerts to get through all this music. And who is going to donate money for this project?

My effort with Mitch Borden to raise money for musical performances through Creative Music Productions Inc is still on going at small jazz clubs in Manhattan has not been too successful; so if you know Bill Gates or Mayor Bloomberg tell them to support people who believe in the spirit of life and not the materialistic view of life.

The Holiday: My boyhood friend called me up and said I was a little strange. This was his holiday greeting for me. Well, if I am strange I wonder what he is? Why do people think they have such a superior attitude? My own family has this attitude and the only way I can deal with them is not to talk to them. I am sure he got this attitude from 'speaking with my superior and all knowing brothers'.

Getting back to the real things in life, anyway, you can visit my web site to view all the information there about my two songs books and my book, A Composer of Art Music.

I have been busy learning to be a commercial reviewer at All About Jazz Web Site. They are very professional and have all kinds of information about jazz both past and present. I recently wrote two articles. One about the pianist, Mamiko Watanabe and the other was for the Jon Burr Band. There are two versions of these articles, my articles on my web site and their articles. It goes to show you that writing is not all that simple and standards change during the process. This was evident when I sent draft copies of my book around and got opinions from some professionals. I took all their advice and change my introduction about 20 times. But I was reading some older versions of this process and you know I really cannot tell the difference or which version is better. I believe the truth is the best version not a watered down version for the public.

Anyway, I had great fun reviewing both Mamiko's group and Jon Burr's group for both of these artists were performing their own music and not becoming copy cat artists. You know my entire career I have turned down many jobs as not to become a copy cat artists but trying to stay true to my own spirit. You know this really upsets people because people are into control. It is all about control never about music or creative things. Both Watanabe and Burr were into their own spirit of life and music. And this is why a took a week or so with each to write my opinion. You can read both reviews at my web site or at All About Jazz.

Also Jon and Mamiko made be start thinking about all my jazz tunes, Latin tunes, folk tunes, pop tunes, fusion tunes, and free form expressive tunes and but series of musical suites that came from the sonata form and the suite form from Bach's time. I really should compose more music but I have not performed all my music that I have now. So I decided to place these songs on the Internet and maybe there are some performing groups who would work with them?

There are 64 songs in music book two and 113 songs in music book one.

You can perform the songs with your version.  I could never play all these songs I composed.  You can change the style, ad words, arrange for small or large ensemble.  The idea is to be creative not be a clone of the common man and their low standards and mindless music with no harmony, melody, or developed rhythm.

Some history about all these songs: Some of these songs were written in Toronto, The first set of 32 were written back in 1968 when I was trying to form a group of musicians and perform original music. I also wrote the free improvisational music there with no bar lines and no exact rhythm. While in Toronto, I composed most of my classical music.

After I moved to NYC I created my large ensemble of 6 horns and rhythm using the tunes I created in Toronto. This was my most interesting project in jazz.

Later in NYC I started my TV show and created music for that, Latin series of tunes, New Music ensemble tunes, Children's Suite, Diago Rivera Suite, Bach Suite for Jazz Ensemble and The New York Jazz Sonata. I produced my two LPs in NYC too. I produced over 60 shows.

While in China (2002 to 2004) I created the Chinese Jazz Tunes from folk melodies from China. China has a rich musical culture both native and modern. Although it only exist I believe in Shanghai and Beijing. The other cities have limited exposure.

Back in NYC I created a lot of CDs from traditional tunes. I just believe I should not exclude traditional music even though others have created these songs.

I left out tempo markings and style so that one can come up with their own style and feeling. Please do not be a copy cat musician just to please the public. Music is about art not about just pleasing others. The shame of it all is that musicians never get to decide the level. It is never about the music always about other issues.

So friends who read my newsletter I want to thank you for taking the time to read them and I wish you all the very best. And may you have a wonderful family and friends and if not there are so many nice books written by honest men that can make you feel warm and loved. We have to live with the truth within us and not with the phony business community that only believes in profit with no moral regard for humanity. Their moral regard directly relates to their profit motive I might ad.

Thank You Greg Henry Waters