Greg Henry Waters Newsletter December 2008


This holiday season will be over and we begin a new year.  As we grow and live it is always a challenge on how to move forward with our lives.  For me it seems I am beginning over and over the same life.  I do not seem to make any progress in my life. still dealing with the same old problems.


When I was young I fell in love with music, but had no idea that the kind of music I loved had so little connection to society.  As I watch TV and listen to the music it is just a potpourri of what?  Nothing to really understanding the dept and meaning of music, it can relate to my life.  It is selling a product, or is background music to a movie or show.  Music is never the center of attention.  For me music is always being abused in some form or another for it sole purpose is to earn money for the business people not to promote the real purpose of music, which is to connect us to the divine nature of life.


The low moral character of our business community is at an all time high.  Money, the golden calf is still with us; we have not grown since the 10 commandments were written.  We are still living in extreme darkness and have not made any spiritual progress.  Music is really a reflection of this.  No one is allowed to be original if one wants to make a living in music it is all about what the norm is.  Listening to Christmas music this year was a sad commentary for me in how everybody just repeats the same patterns from the past.  It is amazing for me that J.S. Bach’s music is still so creative and new and our present day music is so boring and stupid.


Yes, we have made progress with TV, Computers, Electricity, Transportation, Medicine, but have we made any progress with our humanity to the world.  I hardly think so.  The banks are keeping all the money our government gave them and are not using it for the purpose of our nation.  I cannot believe that there is not some criminal behavior with our current money situation.  One can steal all this money and get away with it?  We are this stupid I think.  


Man is just so evil, Jesus said, “I found them all drunk. I found no one among them athirst (longing) in his heart.  And my soul was grieved for the sons of men, for they are blind in their minds and do not see their empty soul they have come into the world and that they are destined to come forth from the world.” Yes, their lives lived in the illusion of a drunken state not knowing the truth from lies.  You think in this information age, life, or our personal development would get better.  However one only has to listen to popular music and see what our real condition is.


Last night, December 24th, I looked for religious music on TV.  I could only find some music from the Catholic Channels and most of it was music from the mass.  Channel two had an hour of music but it was secular Christmas Music not divine music.  I did hear Handel, but please have we not heard that piece of music too much.  Do we not have any creative people in our world today? The history channel had some nice programs on the Gospels and their histories.  It is a shame that we our locked into the four main gospels.  Even the gospels are turned into mediocrity and they do not give the truth of Jesus life.  There at times are more truths about Jesus in the Koran than in our New Testament.


But if people are like reptiles and not like human beings what can we do?  With the lack of proper parents condemn our children into ignorance and lives of meaningless tasks.  The drug wars in Mexico are killing more people in Mexico than in Iraq.  This is due to our countries desires for drugs.  Why are people such slaves to the status quo?


The drug companies are so out of control for they just want to patent drugs and control the market place to control the flow of money.  There are so many natural products that can heal us from the stress of life.  But these remedies are so hidden from us that it takes a life time to find them.  Doctors do not give us natural products just drugs invented by drug companies.  Dr. Phil has this Doctor show on in the morning with four young doctors.  What is this all about except to promote the medical community and their business? The morning news programs are always promoting medical advice.  I am sure the drug companies are paying for these segments.


Money is the root of all evil and how can it be different.  For when money becomes the goal the moral law is gone and men become predators. Men eat up people to seek money.


 The latest 50 billion dollar swindle is a good example of this.  People are so fooled into thinking that if a man has a good reputation that he is a good man.  When you are naked, what are you wearing?  The hoarding of your money is against the law of nature.  For me these people should lose their money for they should put the money into circulation and not hoard it for their own purpose.  Money is for the entire community not for the few.

Money is to promote business to give people productive lives not use it for interest making profit.  The laws of life are just and many times we do not see it.


Lately I have been doing juicing with my new juicer which has really improved my health.  The goal is to take 8 8 ounce glasses of juice a day.  This will help rebuild my body from the lack of care in my earlier time.  Alone with my supplements, juice and eating simple foods have I improved my weight and heart.  My heart was acting up and I thought I might be going to the hospital soon to have an operation. But thank God I am improving my health in a natural way.  It is said that doing this will also cure number 2 diabetes. So far my blood sugar has come down 60 points in the morning without medication.  My heart feels normal most of the time now.


Go to my web page to learn more about supplements and if you want a discount please write me. 5%, 10% and 15% discounts according to the size of the order, plus shipping.

We must learn to heal ourselves for the most part.  Do not let the doctors completely control your life you must control your life.


Happy Hollidays, Sincerely, Greg Henry Waters

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