New York Philharmonic debut concert of John Corigliano Piece for 9/11 Oct. 4th 2011

By Greg Henry Waters on Saturday, October 8, 2011

I went to a debut of a commission by the NY Phil, for a 9/11 memorial concert, 10 years by John Corigliano 1938, he called it A song on the End of the World

I could not figure out what it had to do with 9/11, and the poems were just from a different time and place, at Every Fisher Hall Lincoln Center.


They had nothing to do with nine eleven but other world events, for me it should have been the plane hitting the building, the second plane hitting the building, the 10 seconds downfall of the building, then two, then building three.  And also I thought the time of day, and or video with the music to make it more real, something to do with the time of day, he did everything to avoid the event it self.And the soprano, her tone was so harsh and the melodies were so crooked and not smooth, then the death of all the police officers and firemen along with the death of the 3000 people, for me it was just the avoidance of truth a cover up.

The orchestration was great although the orchestral sounds were interesting and he had one big climax in the piece, but for me 9/11 was a series of climaxes not just one.


How these people get these commission is a wonder to me.  His Father was the first Violinist of the symphony for many years.  And the audience all acted like robots, I thought I was in some kind of space ship not in a concert hall in NYC.


Fancy words and compliments don't make great music.  Not sure what great music is, but I have my doubts about this

piece. I am not trying to be unkind because I know it took him a year to compose this piece. 


Sincerely, Greg Henry Waters

 Picture from the Event.