After 91 years The New York Flute Club presented Irish Music with Christopher Layer.

by Greg Henry Waters on Sunday, November 21, 2010 at 10:40pm

Well, folks if your organization never had a Irish Flute Concert you should.  You can read about Christopher at his blog or here  I am sure they may still have his bio there. His Blog is here.

 He can do more with a bamboo flute than many a flutist I am sure of that.  He spoke throughout the entire concert informing us what the tradition was and what he is going to play.  It would have been nice to have a few Irish dancers there too, but that wasn't the purpose of the program.  He spoke and performed music from Scotland, Ireland and Sweden.


 He invited a few of his friends too,  Paul Woodied a Violinist and Brendan O'Shea a singer song writer of Irish music.


He played a lot of music by himself or solo.

His performance with Paul was very interesting in that the balance between the flute and violin was so perfect and I never heard anything like it before.  It is amazing how they put so much time and effort into this music and place it on a classical level performance, but still being Irish Folk Music.  Most of the concert was from memory too.

He gave a clinic for young players before the concert.

What was most interesting was the sound of his flutes.  Wood and Bamboo, not into modern flute sound, but I didn't miss that at all.  Some of the music was almost classical in theme and was very interesting to listen too; not just jig music.

I was kind of interested in what came first Irish or folk music or flute Baroque music?  Also it is always fun to note how certain musicians latch on to a style of music, like Christopher, Irish Music and Paul, they both perform regular classical music too.  But are very happy performing this music and really got into a groove as we would say in jazz.

You know that Bach's music was very rhythmic too and for me sometimes sounds like a moving train.  The rhythm is so strong and forceful.Brendan O'Share really has an Irish voice and you know that he is really Irish.

Christopher and Paul know 26 songs from memory that they can play anytime anywhere.  It is like an Irish Club Date system.

For Flutist I think it is important to hear this music played on this level.  I know it is not necessary but one should have a concept and have it in your ear for your own knowledge.

I would recommend him anytime.

Sincerely, Greg Henry Waters

This concert was not about himself but about his music and life.