Bob Kindred Jazz Tenor Saxophone


The Art of Jazz and the Saxophone is the topic of today.  Bob Kindred a veteran tenor saxophone performer in the tradition of Stan Getz and Ben Webster Plus.  I have known Bob ever since I came to New York and if there were ever a dedicated to the Art of the traditions of Jazz it is Bob Kindred. 


Bob is very unusual player in that he combines the modern with the old styles.  One second he is in the 40s and the next phrase could be in the year 2000 with a very unnoticeable transition.  His sound is what really got to me when I was at the Café Loup in Manhattan in the Village on 13th Street by Six Avenue.  If you are down that way you can catch his trio there from 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm weekly on Sundays.  What you will find is that you can hear the saxophone as it was meant to sound. 


Today with electronics the true sound of the instrument is lost in the microphones and the electric instruments.  We seem to live in a harder and colder world than in the past.  Now everything is about competition and marketing not about sound, harmony and musical development.  After all this is what makes a musician his ability to understand sound, harmony and musical development and where he is in his own development.  This is something that Bob has down to a tee; he knows exactly what he wants to sound like and changes this into love and warmth


You know I brought my camera to the event at Care Loup on Sunday and I was listening so intently to the music I forgot to take out my camera and take some pictures.  I came up with the conclusion that this music was just so intimate.  One could really hear the guitar and the bass and the saxophone as a blend of instruments and not just musicians playing off on their own and pretending to be with the band.  I went later to hear the Chico O’Farill Band at Birdland and this is what I noticed that big band Latin music (and any big band really) covers up the sound of the intimate part of the sound of the horn and the sound becomes one big gigantic sound which is another form of music.  As Mario Rivera said to me, “it gives us more possibilities.”


So if you want to hear the sound of the instruments in an intimate format one has to go to a small club where there is just acoustic music with no microphones so one can hear the sound of the real instrument and not the sound of a phony instrument that we get most of the time with computer generated music.  Not to say some electronic music is not real art because it can be too.  Bob Kindred creates the sound of the real saxophone. Is this not what music is  all about?  Stan Getz called himself a saxophone player and I know this is what Bob Kindred is too. Bob is a real saxophone player with the greatest low notes I ever heard.


So folks out there in music land if you like Stan Getz and Ben Webster you will love Bob Kindred for he projects warmth and love through his instrument.  So few musicians are able to reach this level of musicianship!  This takes a special person to reach this level of music no matter what style or era it is from for all true music is about warmth and love.  “Thanks Bob for reminding me what music really is all about.”


Bob has a wonderful CD Called Live at CAFÉ LOUP.  You can buy it at his web site at

if you cannot make it down to the club.  You must have this CD in your collection for it brings together the Dixieland tradition, modern tradition, Stan and Ben tradition in a blend all its own called the Bob Kindred Style.


The tunes on the CD are Alone Together, Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans, Skylark, Playin in the Yard, Tenderly, Dream Dancing, Doubletalk, In a Mellowtone, Sweet and Lovely and Memories of You.


Greg Henry Waters

Artist of Music