I haven't written a new article for six months! Greg Henry Waters

Letting my close friends know what I did this summer for soon school will start and I will be attending school everyday. I decided to go to school at the age of 66 and study music again even though I have four music degrees.

First of all, I enrolled in Lehman College to take a computer music course. But since they did not have a computer music course (summer music program )I signed up for piano and music literature. I kept the piano course and dropped the music literature course for if one is to play an instrument it is a 10 hour a day job to start off with.

The second thing I did was buy a midi piano (88 keys) so I could practice the piano. Interesting, I am getting bored myself. Anyway, you can see a picture of my home study on the internet.


I put on a lot of samples of what I have been creating and working on with different music programs and their plug ins. I am trying to get an handle on them. At times I feel all plugged up. Anyway, I got a lot of music programs to see what they are all about and all of them our different and interesting to work with if one has the time. Luckily for me I have the time for what else am I to do? No body calls me anymore except my creditors. I have a phone that produces the numbers and calls them out so I do not have to answer it. Back To Music! True!!!

I think I spent more time loading and unloading these music programs on to my computer and configuring them for that is half the battle. It is like learning a new instrument. These are the programs I am working with, Rosegarden, Sibelius, Cubase, Finale, Live, and Sonar7 (Cakewalk). So I have been discovering something about all these programs that were started about 25 years ago and now I am trying to catch up with them.

You can see my results at




Four of the chamber pieces were written about the three students I studied piano with on the third floor of the music building. A view into their personalities as I call it. Delvin, Renata and James! I wrote a jazz tune for Dr. Bernard Shockett too, but he doesn't know it. He likes to play jazz tunes from the Broadway era. James likes modern music. Delvin likes Beethoveen and Renata likes Mozart pieces.

Anyway, all these files were produced using different music programs. The only program I did not create music with was Live. I am still trying to figure out what I want to do with that program. It is very modern and very different from traditional music notation. In fact there isn't any notation with this program it is just recorded sounds from different VST Instruments.

So, I am proud to announce that I created a new CD of classical chamber music. When I was in Toronto and Chicago I composed a lot of classical music so now I am back into classical music and out of the jazz business which for me has been a very distasteful experience, due to the fact it is like a wild west show. And really not music that is part of the community.

My music is in the Ontario Arts Council Library, The NY City Library System and The North Texas University Music Library System along with my 13 piece jazz band book and a small dance band book I wrote for four lead horns. Not much to say about being famous although 9000 people did listen to one of my tunes on YouTube.com

Also, I am trying to complete the classical music I wrote in China for Orchestra, I hope to complete that within the next few months. I look forward to working with John Corigliano, a real composer and musician, and I do not say this about many people, and by the way he is quite famous. Also, Allan Molnar who is a percussion teacher and Music Studio Teacher at Lehman College here in the Bronx.

My hope is that you will take the time and look through my web site and listen to my music and spread the word of my work.

I believe it is very worth while and real music and not some form of copying others.


There is just too much information here, but you can browse my web site for other interesting things. I hope you all had a productive summer and that your life is interesting and getting better.

The world is always changing and I hope you too are changing and growing in a positive way for this is life: constant change.

Always, Greg Henry Waters, You can write me here!

ps. Martin Frost Clarinet Performer, I found his music on the internet, quite exciting that someone is taking the clarinet and putting it in theatre and not just a concert performance. Here is a letter I wrote to his agent but I doubt if they will forward it to him. The music business is sick and closed to real talent in my opinion.

having been a woodwind player all my life and a composer I was very interested to see your A clarinet with a low eb and d key i never saw a clarinet like that and would like to know who made it for you?

also, you bringing the clarinet into the theatre with drama and dance is really wonderful that a person has brought the clarinet back into the musical world of course benny goodman brought the clarinet into the lime light and i see now with all the pieces that you perform it is just wonderful and now maybe the clarinet can bring back its once glory

so many pieces for the clarinet now, you know the violin concerto performers only play about five concertos you are now playing so much more than that i was always confused in if i was a performer or composer or jazz player or classical performer, so i spread myself too thin as far as a career was concerned

your tone with the eb and d key was extra special and very deep sound like the clarinet should really sound like your bringing personally back into music too and your michael jackson steps are great

I have lost respect for the clarinet and all the musicians through out my career, i am 66 now, but you have brought me into a new appreciation for my instrument too after all it was my first instrument thank you for also bringing back contemporary composers, here in the states we are so backward and low class when it comes to music, it is mostly all wedding music or mozart and beethoven

i wrote a book called the death of music in the 20th century, maybe you are helping bringing real music back to the world and not just the same old thing

i am here greg henry waters

Martin Frost playing Mozart on a Clarinet with extended lower keys, what a sound it gives the instrument, 'it must weight a ton' I played this piece when I was 15 years old, had no idea what a great piece this was, I just played it.