Subject: Listening to Music!  There are so many different kinds of music out in the world today it is a wonder anybody understands what is going on.  The internet really has changed listening to music, also with mp3 files, CDS, computers, mp3 players, I-pods, and internet radio. 


Here are some examples of types of music which really confuses me and I am a musician: electro industrial, classic rock alternative, Country, Vocal, all types, Opera, Broadway, Classic Standards, Brazilian Mixed, fusion, electronic music, Modern Alternative, classical, country, hip-hop/rap, jazz, oldies, pop, R & B Soul, Spiritual, World Music, Chinese Music, Greek, East Indian, the different eras in classical music, (early music, 13th Century Music, 14th, Choral Music, Church Music were music was first written, notation, Gregorian Chant Notation, the development of the modern orchestra, from Mozart to Wagner, Bach’s music was not always written for certain instruments, the different types of jazz, main stream, fusion, be-bop, big band, swing, modern big band, Latin Jazz, Latin Dance, plus all the music from South American, Mexican Music, many different types, tropical music, India Music, and who knows what else?


Just learning about classical instrumental music can be a lot of work and time. I just composed two chamber music pieces for Tuba.  Who listens to tuba music?  Ha Ha! Plus music for all the different orchestral instruments each has their own serious of compositions with the piano and orchestra, concertos, (Organ) and violin having the oldest history and most music.  The process of teaching the violin is the oldest tradition and most demanding too.


So what do we do about this? I do not know.  I know now we can choose our music we want to listen to on the internet.  There is a internet program called the ‘streamtuner’ that will help us find these stations. is very interesting place you can setup your own radio station.  With the kind of music you like.  We do not have to be victims of the big companies anymore if we take the time to explore and search out real music and not the pop music of the day which for me is mostly discussing and an insult to our being, life, soul, family and character. Shoutcast,,, Google Stations and all the university stations are some examples of other stations like live365...


What is so discussing for me is that I cannot even influence my own children about music the modern pop culture seems to have complete control of them and the standards are so low and wild and I see it in their behavior too.  I asked my daughter. I did not teach you that were did you get this kind of behavior?  It is from school and the rap and hip-hop music she listens too I can only conclude.  Well, being a parent is sometimes awful.


Let me say that many people who have wonderful educations and are wonderful people have no education in what is real music and what is not.  For me it is awful for they have no interest in creative music and do not even know what it is.  They are just like my children just victims of the popular trends.


Anyway, I hope you will explore the internet radio and listen to all the different kinds of music out there and not just what is in the movies, TV and radio.


Remember, for the most part music is made up of melody, harmony, (more than one note) and rhythm.  How these combinations of musical tools interrelates, determines the style, type and dept of the music.  What we lack in most music is dept of character.  The musical instruments have changed with electronic instruments and volume.  Music is the only profession that is open to all and all things.  But we must remember that the laws of the universe apply to music just as they do to the movement of the planets.


The notes will always be the same because it is the physics of music that controls music not the people who create it most of the time.  I am listening now to a blues hard driving rock tune which soon I will turn the dial for it is just too loud and noisy for me. The bass player is just not putting it in the pocket as we say. Good I turned it off.  When I was in HK I was sitting in with a friends group and he had to play rock music for the high class people in HK.  He could not stick to his nice jazz.  The public and management wanted lots of noise so he had to provide that for them.  It only makes me sick of the public and management, but I can do nothing except write about the ignorance in the music business.  This was the only real jazz club in HK too.  I called it another Milwaukee (HK) back in 1961, when I lived there. So what can a musician do who is searching for real music and truth?


Well, he must not give up his ideals and be who he or she is and not let the public or management control him or her.  I hope you all can do the same in your listening and do not allow yourself to be controlled by the popular media.  To me it is like fast food easy to get, easy to eat, doesn’t take much time, not too expensive and too much of it will kill us.  The marketing people only care about profit not quality.  Somehow we have to rise above this sick ideal.  So let us take some time to find music on the internet.


My audio stream is here.  Music from China, Jazz, Main Stream, Standards, Classical Piano, etc. Clarinet, Saxophones, and Flute.


My CDS are here  Sample files. 26 CDS representing my performance career in music.


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Sincerely Greg Henry Waters