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Hello Folks:

This is my latest newsletter about Buddhism and Music.  It tells about my study of Buddhism with my western yoga teacher and how I was given the responsibility to protect and remember him and his writings.  Thanks to the internet I can do this.  Although it has been a great burden on my time and life it is something I must do.

Yogi Narayana, who was born in Prussia and was a seer, or gifted person from a very young age who I lived with he and his wife from 1968-69 to 1975 and returned to the States from Canada.  He was a great Buddhist who spoke from pure thought, but his publisher said he had to place references in his writings because people would not believe his words.  He was a believer in divine religions and all the divine men who wrote the truth about the pure life within. So this is a little story about The Space Age Tarot Cards and how it changed my view of Tarot Cards and even my own thinking.

 I usually try to get a newsletter out once a month.  However I have been so busy editing my Yoga Teacher’s Books, Yogi Narayana, I have not had time to think about music, just the spiritual life.  For me it has been great because some times music has no meaning for me because one cannot produce what one would like too because of the conditions of society and the music industry.   For, I really am a creative serious musician, not a pop music, which by the way I wonder a lot of times is that music?, and not a performing musician.  I. really did not understand this for some 30 years or more, but thank God I finally figured it out.  Do you know that a top Tibetan monk must study 12 years to become a monk and then another thirty years to be on the top level in their society.  No easy task and I think a creative musician has this same burden.

 Because my Yoga Teacher died from a gun shot wound I had to take over the care of his writings and memory because there was no one else.  It took me many months to figure out what to do because not any of his students were coming up with protecting his writing or works.  So, since it seemed I was the only really qualified person to do this work I decided to call myself a Raja Yoga Instructor and take up his position.  However, I do not presume to have his historical knowledge only the spiritual knowledge of a Yogi which is non-verbal.

It recently came to my attention he wrote, Yogi Narayana, (AS), a book called The Space Age Tarot Cards.  It turned out to be a 160 page work which I have been editing and learning about for the last three months.  For recently I received the copy of the paintings he made so I could place the paintings, cards, with the book.  You can view the outcome at this site on the internet.  Plus, I made a PDF book of this work which at present is 160 pages.

 I must say I had no idea how interesting the Tarot Cards are and how much history and knowledge has gone into these ideas.  It comes from Italy (1500) and has connections with all the major philosophy schools and is no means a fortune telling device, but a serious per-suit of looking inward and finding your inner self which is the same thing as Raja Yoga.

I believe the Yogi wrote about 30 books and I have 20 of them and have been trying to edit them and put them in a correct format for years.  I use to feel really sad about this, for it has taken a lot of time away from music, but having read many new books recently and read about how all the monks from thousands of years ago spent their life time translating and writing down this information so others can read and learn.  Without learning and just men, we are doomed to be worst than animals.  And man will never develop a just society, or a truly have just society.

 If you ever tried to learn another language you know how difficult it is.  It was interesting to find out the problems the Chinese Monks had in translating the Hindu and Buddhist Scriptures and get the correct meaning because of the different style of each language.  And when I was in Mexico and saw some translations of movies into English it was just awful the meanings were completely wrong.  So it took hundreds of years to get it right really.

Some of the great men who did this were, Hsuan-tsang who wondered in India for 16 years to bring back the scriptures from there. Western men such as Sir William Jones, Warren Hastings, Charles Wilkins, Brian Hodgson, Alexander Csoma de Koros and Eugene Burnouf were all instrumental in bringing this knowledge to the West. The Pali Scriptures are complete too, from Sri Lanka, (in the Mahayana Sanskrit literature and preserved in Tibetan and Chinese translations).  Anyway, you can buy this book, THE VISION OF THE BUDDHA by Tom Lowenstein, to sort it all out.

Since I have been studying the Tarot I look at old paintings now as a text that the artist is sending a message of what life was like at the time of the painting or art work.  This is a new idea for me, for in our modern times, story telling was not apart of painting but was considered old fashion and out of date; since, I am not a painter or an art historian.  And when one lines up Tarot Cards together there is a story there one can read from the pictures.  Just like a movie, but I am the reader of it.  So one looks at life in a new way, in that, there is support for one’s unconscious development to reach into it.  Of course, this is something we have to search for and have a desire to reach.  Just like exercise, we have to exercise our spiritual mind or the unconscious mind all of us have. If you read the Old Testament it will warn you over and over again to do the right thing.  Well, I do not think the world listens very well.

I also changed the yogayogayoga index page and added pictures and took out a lot of extra material.  You can view it here at  Sorry, my friends in China you have to use a proxy server to read this page.

Anyway, It would be ok if you could support me in this work of scriptures from the Buddhist, Jewish, Christian esoteric schools of religious knowledge as written down by Yogi Narayana, a western yogi liked Christ, (AS) I know you might think I am crazy my first wife did, but for me it is true.  But for me she was a sick woman living in her sick mind.  If women were better women we would have a better world.  It seems we always place the responsibility for a sick world on the men.  Isn’t it time the women take responsibility for it too.

A few short notes about music:

 Well, Wynton Marsalis has invited the O’Farrill Latin Jazz Band to be part of the jazz program at Lincoln Center which to me is really amazing because I thought he, Wynton,  only liked black jazz not multi-cultured music.  I even heard him speak on TV, Wynton, it sounded like he was growing up and becoming a man instead of someone all full of so many ideas.

 I think this is really good news now if he would invite some white bands there too we would really have jazz music and not racial jazz music.  For, jazz is a music that is should be music of different cultures and integration.   For after all it is the music of western instruments, western harmony, with rhythms from Africa, and melodies from classical and band music and parade music which was in Italy in the 1500 where they had funeral marches and parties after the funeral.  This is not just a black tradition but comes from 1500.

 I do agree there were some great black jazz bands but there were some great white jazz bands too.

Thanks so much for reading this letter this far.  Remember we all have a spiritual life do not forget your spiritual life too whatever it is. 

Sincerely, Greg Henry Waters

19 Books here  I have worked for years to present this material.  I cannot remember how long I got the book Sayings from the Pure Land in 1969 or a few years before.  I am still reading it like it was yesterday.

 I have spent months and years creating a place for the Yogi’s 20 major books.  I hope some of you will read his books.



The Yogi’s words from the Gospel of the Light of Mankind.


16. Behold mankind, you are My chosen race. Gods of future ages, awake from the sleep of gestation. I say to you mankind that you are a wandering race. You shall wander from world to world, from galaxy to galaxy, from universe to universe for fifty suns. And you shall travel through the depths of space on artificial planets. And some of your space ships shall be as large as the planet Saturn. And you shall seed life and My word and law until eternity. Creators and fulfillers, arise. Be born of your cave and transform. In you, I shall awaken. In you, I shallbe reborn. In you I shall manifest My total radiance and glory. Hear you humanity, be born to transform into immortal Gods.

 17. But I Myself shall rise from this universe in seventy suns to unite with My father. And your descendants shall take My place and inherit this universe. And within My father, I shall return to My father's father and through Him I shall return to the ultimate universe to offer Myself as food to the new being., Such is the holiest of words, My word, My father's word, My father's word.

 By the way I am now a registered minister with the Universal Life Church.

 I have always wanted to be a Minister now I am.  This Church accepts all faiths of a spiritual nature.

 Always Greg Henry Waters