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A Waltz for Jazz p2
Chinese Melody

Author: Greg Henry Waters



Further information:
Please contact me for special arrangements or special concerts. 917-529-5915 Also, special song book two at
This book has the original copies not computer generated.

Sample recordings are here for some songs not all!

You can perform the songs with your version.  I could never play all these songs I composed.  You can change the style, ad words, arrange for small or large ensemble.  The idea is to be creative not be a clone of the common man and their low standards and mindless music with no harmony, melody, or developed rhythm.

32 of these songs were written in Toronto, My first set of tunes was written back in 1968 when I was trying to form a group of musicians and perform original music. Later I would compose other series of tunes for different projects. I also wrote the free improvisational music there with no bar lines and no exact rhythm. While in Toronto, I composed most of my classical music.

After I moved to NYC I created my large ensemble of 6 horns and rhythm using the tunes I created in Toronto. This was my most interesting project in jazz.
Later in NYC I started my TV show and created music for that, Latin series of tunes, New Music ensemble tunes, Children's Suite, Diago Rivera Suite, Bach Suite for Jazz Ensemble and The New York Jazz Sonata.

While I was in Acapulco Mexico I created some avant guard disco music and fusion music with the computer. Later when I was working in a club I composed songs for the group. But again it was very difficult to get the performance level I wanted. I produced my two LPs in NYC too.

While in China I created the Chinese Jazz Tunes from folk melodies from China. China has a rich musical culture both native and modern. Although it only exist I believe in Shanghai and Beijing. The other cities have limited exposure.

Back in NYC I created a lot of Cd's from traditional tunes. I just believe I should not exclude traditional music even though others have created these songs.
I left out tempo markings and style so you can come up with your own style and feeling. Please do not be a copy cat musician just to please the public. Music is about art not about just pleasing others. The shame of it all is that musicians never get to decide the level. It is never about the music always about other issues.

Thank You Greg Henry Waters