Paul Litrenta 1942 2004 March 11 was a lead trumpet performer with many big bands and Latin bands on the jazz scene both in New York and L.A. Tito Prente, Buddy Rich, Maynard Ferguson, Machito to name a few etc. He was just a fun guy and was my best friend in New York. He went to Monroe High School in the Bronx and Manhattan School of Music BM (63) where he received his Masters Degree in Music (64). He lived in Florida the last nine years of his life with his friend Susan.

This webpage is to celebrate Paul's Life as a musician.  He said, " in life there is no greater joy than to perform with a great band."

He understood what great music was about and the joy of a great performance.

I can only say now that he is in a more peaceful place and that I miss him and I wished I could of done better for him so he could perform the music he really loved. But as most people know big bands jobs are far and few between. 
Suite for Paul by Greg Henry Waters: March 15, 2004 (listen below) These jazz tunes are to commemorate his love for jazz and the big band.  Also for the reverence I had for him and his belief and love of music. I composed these songs from the 60's jazz style and two Latin songs, plus one combination song. Paul's first gigs were with Tito Puente's Band in NYC. He went on their first tour to South American and is on many early records with Tito. He helped create the Tito's sound with western horn players and Latin Percussion. So a tribute to his contribution to Latin Music and Jazz is certainly deserved. He was the first original trumpet player in the Blood Sweat and Tears Band. Few people know this fact about Paul.

I 'through composed' (musical term) these songs to make them not sound repetitious or commercial.  The songs are written in a free form style so as to bring the feeling of empty ness when I cannot express myself in such a situation with a passing of a loved one.  I did not think so much I just let the songs compose themselves. Paul's life was about music is my point.                              

                                                                                         Saint Peter's Concert New York

If anyone has any stories about Paul or pictures you would like to place here please let me know about them.  If you would like to send a donation to Creative Music Productions Inc.                                                  For Family contact write Susan Berger light a candle for Paul.  Paul was vice-president of Creative Music Productions Inc. (since 1977) and always supported the goals of CMP. He said, "we should have moved to France and started the band, (the 12 piece jazz ensemble there;) We would have been better off."  Since I had children and a wife I could not do that.  I was not free.  He helped the band all he could with the administration and development of the ensemble. "Thank You Paul for your effort.  I hope these tunes I composed for you will be a real tribute to your life and other musicians will perform them in your name."  Please send me a request for the tunes or midi files or Band in a Box files.

Sincerely, Greg Henry Waters "Only in Music and other art forms can we really express our true feelings and bring us closes to the divine."

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          Paul always said Latin Musicians have trouble swinging the beat.  A tribute to the mixing of cultures which Paul was so aware of.  Paul was at the beginning of the Salsa Movement with both Latin Music with Tito and Fusion Music with the Blood Sweat and Tears Group.  This is what makes Salsa but now the bands are more commercial they do not get it.  History always repeats itself I guess.  Except maybe for Bach, where is he today?  Certainly he is not in our society we have the David Lettermen Band and other Bands of this nature.  The business policies for me make that band really suck. Such is the music business in New York City.  Not Good, you know what I mean. Paul cared about real music is my point.

           Greg Henry Waters Newsletter Comments April 2004 letter: Creative Music Productions Inc. (since 1977 in New York City) lost one of its founders on March 11, 2004.  (62) Paul Litrenta, trumpet performer and arranger for top bands and show acts.  Paul was Vice President of CMP and a good friend and supporter of culture.  His parents were from Italy, but Paul came to be a complete American.  He only liked people for what they were not for who their friends were or what cultural background they came from.  He disliked the Italian American mentality that was so prevalent in  New York City that could not integrate into main stream society.  He had Italian friends, Jewish friends, Latin friends, African American friends and friends like me from the mid-west, White Americans (I am 3/4 German).  He was a person of character and culture.  It is too bad that we have so few people with this level of character in our world.  He did not drink or smoke.  He always wanted to look good and be the                                  Paul in French about 2002 best trumpet player he could be.                  

 I composed a Suite of Songs for Paul and recorded them in my apartment here in Shenzhen, China today. March 22, 2004 I am helping create musical culture in this new 'western' country, China. With CMP, Paul was a member of the Latin Ensemble, Chamber Orchestra, and Quintet.  He worked very hard also in contracting musicians and getting rehearsals together.

                        Greg Henry Waters  
                                  March 23, 2004