The Children's Music Show

The Children's Music Show, As one art's manager said, "We can do anything we want. This is the tune of today which is really not a turn. This show is to explain what music is and how we can come to some conclusions of what a standard is in music.

 Our area does not have this information given to our population. Music is just taken for granted. What are standards? And how do we judge standards? This is a very difficult situation in that each individual has different standards, but let us work to come together to explore more about music and standards. This is a show too for adults and children to learn to enjoy instrumental music.

Let us remember that music is a science and art of quality not just some media tool which is what we have mostly in our world. Music was not made to sell products, but music was given us so that we may have standards and achievement in life.

Please contact us through E-Mail for a list of shows and more information. Help bring our shows to your town, city or country.

The shows were taped on beta-cam sp and are 29 minutes long. We have about 25 shows.

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List of Shows, The Music Show - The Children's Music Show VHS Format for home playing 

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 Our Children Need More Eduation in Music.     If you have been a school teacher you know how hard it is for them to promote their work and school reform.  Therefore you must begin the process and not wait for others.     You must promote four years of music education for all high school students.  They will study music history (instrumental, vocal, opera, jazz, orchestral, pop, and church music).     They can also take a course in orchestration, listening to music, and the history of music theory.  There is enough material here for 10 years of study.     For our culture to grow and our people to grow we must educate children in music!                          Greg Waters