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is a unique product because Mr. Waters has devoted his life to the development of music as a place in music history rather than meet the conforming standards of present day society. So, any music product you purchase from Creative Music Productions Inc. or Greg Waters Music Services you will be getting music with the Greg Waters stamp, just like you would buy a Picasso to have his name, if you buy a product here you will be buying a special unique sound. Mr. Waters Music is suited for concerts, movies, television, comercials, society music, big band, and chamber music. Instrumental music at its best from New York City and his friends from across the country.

 Mr. Waters has lived in Milwaukee, Denton, Texas, Chicago, Toronto and New York City. This reflects the different musical situations and developments of Greg Henry Waters life and his progress in education activities, education experiences, and artistic development.

 Mr. Waters is not just a performing musician, but a creative musical artist in the western style of instrumental music. He strongly believes in the need for musicians to make decisions about their art and not lawyers, businessmen, or even the public. Mr. Waters believes that the internet maybe the answer for individuals that have strong beliefs and the internet will allow them to make their mark on the international market.

The site is divided up in the four groups: TV Production, The Music Show and The Children's Music Show, (2.) Performing groups that Mr. Waters created, with two groups being completely original with The New York Chamber Jazz Orchestra and The New York Composer's Ensemble, and (3.) The personal history of Greg Waters ,Resume, Press Release, and list of compositions of Greg Waters including, works for orchestras, bands, jazz bands, dance bands (society music), chamber music, solo violins etc. the (4th) place is Mr. Waters work here in New York with Creative Music Productions and non-profit corporation development.

 In New York, all musical art can only be presented in this non-profit format. All though art is created by individuals, here in New York, if a person is not connected with a non-profit corporation he or she is not an artist, so Mr. Waters has developed this corporation to meet society's need for this structure. New York is the business capital of the world in many ways, and this corporate structure is an example of it. Mr. Waters says this has been an interesting but difficult journey for him however difficult. It is your chance to read about this company and its corporation and fund raising form, The New York, New England and New York Telephone Common Application Form. You can support CMP with a grant donation.

At the site you can find all the artists connected with CMP and the performing groups he has produced. Included are the top level studio and recording musicians whom have helped make New York City a major music center.

 We look forward for you to visit our site and support Mr. Waters work and his crew of 30 people.

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Site from an Education view point

Topics at site, 50 files including the following subjects music, education, tv production, New York musicians, jazz, classical, music composition. music advocacy, concerts, musical groups, musical artists, Greg Waters, Creative Music Productions Inc., Non Profit music organization, sound recordings, party music etc.

 Marketing departments, you can go to our wave files and download our music for your judgement. Make your decision about our products in a few minutes. Listen to our music and you will know that we are professionals here at Greg Waters Music Services and Creative Music Productions Inc.

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