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Who We Are:

Creative Music Productions is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1977 by Mr. Greg Waters, The organization officially designated to promote isntrumental music compositions and performers.

We are a group of performing artists and composers dealing with the promotion and exposure of American Music in classical, jazz and other forms of American Music and including dance, ballet, orchestral, chamber music and latin jazz. Goal: The goal of CMP Inc. is to create international status for our performing groups and composers through concerts, lectures, recordings, sound tracks, and TV Productions, and to let the public know that instrumental musicians are a great group of people and have much to offer our country and world.

Recently, since we have become aware of the performing arts problems and educational conditions for instrumental music in the Bronx. We have been actively promoting more music in the Bronx for a concert series that would include classical, jazz and latin forms of American Music.

At present we are on TV six times a week reaching 1,700,000 homes with The Music Show and The Children's Music Show. Because the Bronx is so close to Manhattan that it really has not become a center of culture in its own right. We at present believe the Bronx is a separate from all the other communities and deserves more of its own voice. We also believe that through out our country this is a great problem in the lack of opportuniity for the performing arts. Maybe with the internet this can change some.

How: CMP Inc. initiatvies include direct contact with record producers, foundations, businesses, government organizations, overseas companies and educational institutions. We have tried to focus our attention on the local, state, country and international scene. Only in this way can we be assured the development of isntrumental creative music has standards that reaches across the world for that is our goal. It is to let the world know of the wonderful benefit of living composers and living instrumental musicians.

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We are a 501 3C Corporation and we do accept donations which are tax exempt.

NY Musicians with Greg Waters and CMP Inc.