Grant Application Non-Profit Fund Raising Jazz Classical Music, New York 501-3C  

Part II of Proposal for Creative Music Productions Programs

III. A. 1.

 Creative Music Productions Inc. Financial Statement 1995

Video Productions 20000

 In-Kind Services 25000


 Music Library and Equipment 946528

 Deposit on Lease 550

 Total Current Assets 992078


 Vehicles 3400

 Total Other Assets 3400


 Library of Music 11200

 Studio Equipment and Library 341200

 Total Other Assests 352400

 ------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------------- LIABILITIES & EQUITY CURRENT LIABILITIES

 Deffered Compensation 128337

 Long Term Liabilities 328770

 Cmp Equity Liabilities 738867


Total Liabilities


 CMP Equity -391609

 Current Earnings 391609

 Total Equity

 Total Liability and Equity 1347878

 Division of Money Spreadsheet

 Budget Grant Proposal

 The Music Show and The Children's Music Show

 12 Month Period

 Proposed Budget IN-KIND REQUEST
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In 1994-95 we have produced 64 TV Shows and have been on the air some 389 times with the viewing of 5 channels in Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and Westchester. We go into 1,700,000 homes in our area through public access TV.

Your support is essential for us to be a real organization and being a real part of the community. We really cannot understand why we do not get funding? What is wrong with our society?

We ask you to take on the responsibility of helping our children and society too. There just are too many evil and selfish influences in our society and another viewpoint is needed. We stand up and fight for standards other than mechanical and flash standards. We need standards in our society that are real.

III. A. 1.

Notes to Creative Music Productions Inc. Financial Statements

Liquidity, Stability and Profitability The Liquidity of CMP is very strong. Because, the long term liabilities have been agreed by all parties to wait to receive payment for their products and services. The relationship to the creditors, ownership and the financial statement gives proof to the creditors that their property and services are being protected. However, CMP must protect the true value of the corporation and the creditors too.

 The stability of the business to meet its principal payments and requirement on outstanding debt is protected also, because CMP never understates any proposal or activity with a person, company, or other party without coming to an agreement of what the conditions and responsibilities are with the transaction. We have been in business since 1975 and have had no problems with the stability of the corporation. Our only problem has been capital to promote the business.

 Cash CMP is a company that is a non-profit organization based on services, goodwill from the employees and officers and for many years has been in a research and development stage. The profitability will come when we are really able to market our produc ts to our state, country and world. Of course, this will depend on the corporate, federal, state, city contributions we will receive.

In the last two years, CMP has been expanding its fund raising activities and has contacted over 50 organizations for contributions. However, this is a slow and painstaking process.

Assets The analysis of our financial statement is exciting when you look at our music library (the foundation of our organization) and groups that exhibit the real value of our organization. A service industry is hard to value because of the subjective nat ure of it. CMP's products services are of the highest artistic presentations in music. We are sure the true value of our products and services are 10 times greater than stated.

The determinations of the value of our assets and groups are based on the time, effort and musician's union value and not on their true value. In our changing times what are the true value of anything The CEO of one corporation may receive 75 million and another receives 225 thousand. When it comes to works of art, is it the same value for everyone puts in the same amount of time for this is truly a subjective decision? The true value of our library, musical groups is a very conservative figure.

The only real comparison and measurements that can be made from our financial statements from year to year are the new compositions our musicians and performers create. Time put in on each member desire to improve and be a better artist, which is di fficult to place a value. One song if marketed in a proper context could be worth millions although we do not compose songs of that nature.

We have matured as an organization in the last 10 years please read "Creative Music Productions Presentation" for our goals and activities for more information.

Our true value is our ability to present artistic presentation of instrumental music that represent American Musical Fine Art.


Deferred Salaries

 This is fund raising activities: grant writing, interviews, research, organizational work, travel and unpaid performances, etc. This in no way has any effect on any grant proposal offers currently standing or past. These fees will be paid only from CMP's funds from work related activities and not from granting institutions.

Long Term Liabilities Effective April 79 the Company entered into a credit agreement with the promissory notes that no payment of dividends was necessary until CMP was able to create an income and profit. This agreement has been an on going determination with all creditors since that time.

Interest on debt is to be determined when at the time the corporation's fiscal activities will be on a sound bases. In reality, there is no interest on debt.


 We owe no income taxes, retirement funds, insurance debt, or any other debts. We are not in any litigation.

Creative Music Productions Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

 As CEO, Fiscal Officer & President of CMP Inc., Greg Waters, states that on, January 31, 1995 that CMP has disclosed all its operations, earnings and financial position for the fiscal year then ended. Upon examination our records according to genera lly accepted accounting standards, and we accordingly included such tests of our accounting records that meet the procedures that we considered necessary in these circumstances.

In our opinion, the aforementioned CMP's financial statements present fairly the financial positing of this organization.

Always, we have taken a conservative position for the fiscal year then ended, in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles applied on a consistent basis.


Greg Waters

 CEO, President and Fiscal Officer

III B. 1.

 We are a private non-profit corporation dealing with musicians in the jazz and classical areas of music. Are Board of Directors is made up of our officers who really understand the problems facing this type of musician. This policy has been created to protect creative music from too much outside enfluence.

All are welcome to be members of our Board of Advisors and contribute their knowledge and help to our effort.

 Board of Directors

 Greg Henry Waters, Teacher, Conductor, Composer & Director

 Paul Litrenta, Teacher, Performer, Composer & Director

 Maria Salas Waters, Office Worker, TV Producer, Contractor

 Dr. George McCauley/Professor of Theology/ Writer/ Priest/Fordham University

 Dr. John Gensel/Retired Jazz Minister/ Saint Peter's Church

 Dr. Thomas Schmidt/Minister of Music/ Saint Peter's Church

 Daniel Barrientos/TV Producer/Director

Terms-Life, or if they choose to resign.

 Board of Advisors

 Dave Braynard/Composer/ Teacher/Tuba, String Bass/3 years

 Dearn Pratt, Trumpet, Music Historian, Copy Right Expect, Band Leader

 Joe Sheply, Trumpet, Band Leader, Composer, Mouth Piece Inventor, Lead Trumpet

 Joe Beck, International Jazz Guitarist and Composer

 Calvin Hill, International Jazz Bazzist

 Bill Crow, International Jazz Bazzist

 Greg Ginsberg, International Jazz Trumpet

III. B. 3. Daily Operations Personnel - Short Resumes Greg Waters-Composer, Reeds, Conductor, Director - Greg Henry Waters describes his approach to improvisation as a mean to create a concerto on the spot off the theme presented to him. His highly reflective and individualized performances will always keep his music contemporary. Greg Henry Waters searches for the scope and meaning of instrumental music which to him is the highest form of musical art. He has been living in New York City since 1975 performing, composing, and creating his life. While in New York, he has produced two Albums, created The Greg Waters Jazz Chamber Orchestra and founded Creative Music Productions Inc. Mr. Waters graduated from Chicago conservatory with a MM. in Theory and Music Composition in 1968. His searches for the elements of music are the beauty of his life. You may visit the American Music Center Library here in New York City for a complete history of his music library.

Paul Litrenta - Trumpet, Mr. Litrenta has been performing on the Trumpet since he was a young man in high School here in the Bronx. He recorded many Tito Puente Albums and Machito albums. He has been the lead Trumpet performer with the Diane Ross O rchestra, Galt Mac-Dreamt Orchestra, Meynard Ferguson Orchestra, Woody Herman Orchestra and Buddy Rich Band. Paul has a full rich tone and has the quality of playing that few have. He can both play the soft and smooth sound that blends with a piano and guitar, but also he can have the power of a lead trumpet player when needed. He has been a long time friend of Greg Waters and CMP Inc. is proud to present his trumpet style to you. Mr. Litrenta has a MM. Degree from Manhattan School of Music.

 Others: Per Diem Help 30 or more.

 III. B. 5.


 Greg Waters with Joe Beck Woodwinds and Guitar

Greg Waters and Susan Maskaleris Woodwinds and Piano

 Greg Waters Quartet Plus, (4 to 8 musicians) The quartet features the compositions of its leader performing with rhythm section and added horns.

 The Greg Waters Jazz Chamber Orchestra (Main Stream Jazz - 10 Musicians)

 The instrumentation is Trumpet, Trombone, Bass Trombone, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone Saxophones with four rhythm. This is the only band performing music in this format and with its own style of jazz improvisational music in the band traditions of impr ovised music and big band ensembles.


 6 Musicians (Classical Improvisation)

 The group presents musical compositions that are not only written note for note, but can be improvised using the traditions of classical performance and mixing it with jazz elements. The solos are a very important part of the ensemble's performances . The soloist is not restricted to a certain number of bars. We invite you to come and hear this exciting and challenging ensemble.


 CALL US FOR YOUR REQUEST1-(718)-733-8622

Creative Music Productions Inc.

 Presents The Music Show and The Children's Music Show

 New York, New York

 Your Host Mr. Greg Waters The Children's Music Show

 As one art's manager said, "We can do anything we want." This is the tune of today which is really not a turn! This show is to explain what music is and how we can come to some conclusions of what a standard is in music. The Department of Education on, Regents, The State of New York and the Regents System is working with this idea for the 21st Century. How can we meet the needs of the 21st Century? CMP is working with the idea how can we really keep real musical standards in music?

 What are standards? And how do we judge standards? This is a very difficult situation in that each individual has different standards, but let us work to come together to explore more about music and standards. This show is to show to you boys and girls, Mothers, Fathers, aunts and uncles that to enjoy instrumental music you have to know something about it and that it is fun. Instrumental music is interesting to learn about. The more you know about music the more you can appreciate it for what it really is. The Department of Education wants you to take more responsibility for your education. They are now trying to change the system so that you can take more responsibility for your own growth. This is what the music show is all about, giving you some more background on music so that you can make decisions for yourself. This will be done just by having more information and by having more experience with music. But remember music is a science of quality not just some media tool which is what we have mostly now in our world. Music was not made to sell a product, but music was given us so that we may have standards in life and achievement in life.

 Phone/Fax 9175295915
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The Music Show TV Show by Greg Waters

The Music Show will be in a format that will be mostly concerts of chamber music groups in jazz and classical music. We have many musicians lined up to be on the show, but we want to have the same groups on to form a relationship with you also. We create music that you can develop and understanding with.

 The musicians come from the New York Area who supported CMP in its many years of development in presentations of our music in the different concerts settings we provide. In the near future we plan on running a big band jazz festivals featuring the swing, Latin, and modern sounds of instrumental big band jazz.

 Creative Music Productions Inc. is a professional performing arts organization started in 1977 by Mr. Greg Henry Waters to promote contemporary American Music and the Artists of our time in what ever field of music they are in as long as they meet the e peer standards set by the groups and beliefs of CMP with the traditions CMP has been developing in the last 15 years.

 Again, for further information write Creative Music Productions Inc.  Supported in Part/Material for the Arts, The Department of Sanitation, through The Department of Cultural Affairs, NYCCMP Performing G Groups Greg Waters Duos

 Greg Waters Quartet Plus The Greg Waters Quartet Plus is a group that performs with 4 to 8 musicians in a variety of styles for concerts and entertainment events.

 CMP Latin Jazz All Stars We perform the Latin jazz standards and original music from 4 to 10 member group. Featuring Latin jazz star Daniel Ponce, Congas.

 New York Jazz Chamber Orchestra The Greg Waters Jazz Chamber Orchestra is a group of 10 to 13 musicians playing the original music of Greg Waters along with some arrangements of jazz standards.

 CMP's Big Band he Big Band has 17 performers playing the music of the bi-bop area and the swing area. This band is an exciting sound for your enjoyment.

 The Greg Waters Composer's Ensemble

 This group is the avant-garde grouping classical, jazz and free form music into one blend of sound. The music transforms you into many different styles.

  CMP Organization