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Creative Music Productions Inc.

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Programming: The Music Show and The Children's Music Show

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Executive Director: Greg Henry Waters
We are a IRS 501 (c) (3) Not-for-Profit


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 Total Organizational Budget $4,437,400

 Dates covered by this budget Jan 95 to 99

 Total Project Request Support $4,410,400

 Dates covered by project budget Jan 95 to 99
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Project Name: The Music Show and The Children's Music Show

The World of Greg Waters' Music
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Grant Proposal
 Creative Music Productions Inc.


I. Proposal Summary

 Creative Music Productions Inc. present purpose is to provide our community with an active music program that helps the community have appreciation for real music and not entertainment music supported by the entertainment industry. We do this by Concerts, TV Shows, Educational Shows, Concert Tours within and without our community, nation and world.

 The most important part of our program is that the artists have the control of their projects and opinions. After all, did Mozart ask for advice in writing his music? We think not. We believe we have a right to create music with a since of history and a since of instrumental music development.

We produce TV Shows, The Music Show and The Children's Music Show to provide this service to our community. We deal mostly in instrumental music issues and jazz. However, we will expand into classical composers if we raise enough money to do so. Th is budget is to produce 50 quality 1/2 hour TV Shows. We need 410,000 dollars. We believe you should provide this money for this service. This is important to keep the standards of music and art in our community at a level that has some degree of knowledge. The standard today is one of conformity and emotionalism. 1/2 of the nations schools do not have real music programs. To further state, we believe that our school system never had real music programs. For further conversation and information please contact us on this issue. " The talanted are forgotten about in our community." On page 18 and page 19 you will find information on the two shows we produce.

Our goal is to place music in the community, not to have it at some distance location like an art center. To us, this is a national problem with instrumental creative musicians. We would like to change this situation if we can! Our need is to devel op a budget of $410,400 or more. We would like to achieve this within this funding period.

II. Narrative A. 1. Creative Music Productions is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1977 by Mr. Greg Waters. The organization is officially designated to promote instrumental music compositions and performers through concerts and educational formats. We are a group of performing artists, video and film artists and composers dealing with the promotion and exposure of American Music.

At CMP Inc., our main function is to produce, present, create, arrange, concerts of American Music in both jazz and classical music.

A. 2. We are working with other non-for-profit organizations; they give us supportive services to help us carry out our work and vision. The key to our success has been the many find musicians who have helped us promote our concerts and programs. We have tried to focus our attention on the local, state, country and international musical arena to the best of our ability. Our goal is to the solicitation for the artist instrumental musician a more important place in our school systems, music community and business communities here and across the world. For serious art talent is being covered up by the growing media use of machine music which has nothing to do with real music and promotes music illiteracy. Only in this way can we be assured that the development of instrumental music can have standards that reach across the world for that is our goal. It is to let the world know the wonderful benefit of living instrumental musical composers from the USA, New York State . We believe this is not being none at all that the true state of musical art is being covered up by the entertainment industry and popular forms of classical music etc.

Our mission is musical fine art of Contemporary American Music which means to have a alternate voice unlike the entertainment industry.

Time Limit A. 3. We believe that by producing our TV shows that explains what music is and how children and adults can benefit from real music that our products will reach into libraries and be a part of art history and hopefully public school education. We a recreating awareness of what music literacy is. However, because high school education and grade school education, in many school districts, have terminated music activities, but they still may have the general music program with only one music teacher makes our task of music literacy a very difficult one. Besides the millions of adults in our country to be musically illiterate. And in our way of thinking many musicians are artistically illiterate.

CMP's projects are on going: 1. The Greg Waters New Music Ensemble (performing groups) 2. The Greg Waters Jazz Chamber Orchestra 3. Creative Productions Orchestra 4. Greg Waters Quartet + 5. Music Show Productions (The Music Show & (TV) The Children's Music Show) 6. Latin Music Ensemble 7. Educational programs -promoting a Conservatory of music for all ages, 8. Video Production Company is to create educational tapes and concert presentations, (65 shows completed) and 9. Mission Records our record label that produces tapes and CD's.

The goal of all this is to have a society that is musically literate where we have more radio and TV shows that deal with art and not just entertainment. If we keep producing illiterate people in musical art we will always be in the dark-age of music. This hurts the instrumental musician as well as our population. And too much entertainment promotes illiterate and anti-social behavior. We must learn to find a balance! Young people are not being educated in music due to cutbacks and policy at the Boards of Educations.

We would like to mention that this is a national problem on many different levels.

Current Programs We have applied for numerous grants to many foundations, banks, and video workshop groups, city and state organization. We also consider fund raising and writing grants as part of our current programs because of the time it takes in personnel hours and special writing skills.

We have worked very hard in obtaining information and grants for The Music Show, We believe it is so important for musical artists to have jurisdiction of the TV medium. You would not go to a doctor who does not have a degree, so why do we listen to lower forms of music 95% of the time? Here is proof again of the sad dirt of music in our state and country.

How are the Projects to be carried out? They will be carried out through our TV Productions, concerts, school activities, after school programs and other programs that fall within our organizations work. This last year, The fund for the Borough of Brooklyn, Public Access TV, said "all our shows are very positive for the community and children." The Music Show and The Children's Music Show.

The Music Show brings the instrumental musician closer to the community and to diverse audiences. Now, having our Music TV Shows, we can keep the instrumental musician as a person of importance and not just someone in the background. Through our TV Show we do educate the populace and bring to their attention the many fine qualities of instrumental music and musicians. Music literacy, The Children's Music Show has many different aspects to the performance to give an overview of music education to the parents and the children. We do many programs: lecture, concerts, school programs, workshops, rehearsals, interview with teaches, musicians and students. We bring to the citizens a thought process of thinking about music rather then just listening to music.

Our outreach programs currently engage the population mostly through multimedia projects and concerts: TV Shows, CDs, and educational concerts. We have been working with District 7, a local development corporation, churches, Fordham University Professors, studio musicians, classical musicians and others to make our TV Series an important part of our community's life.

Our educational programs (live presentations) have to do with the following topics and subjects. Six programs giving different concert formats to demonstrate different kinds of instrumental music. We do give lecture concerts' series for college aged students and adults: 1. The Dark Age of Music, 2. Creativity and the Artist, 3. Music A Social Issue/The War/Art Music Entertainment, Developing Our Potential/Does Music Help? And Is Art Music Racial or Ethnic?

Services planned for right-now are going to further develop The Music Show and The Children's Music Show to reach out to more communities: Brooklyn, Upper Westchester, New Jersey and more. We also will try to contact more Foundations and Businesses for support while trying to improve our weakness in fund raising and grant writing.

In 1993-94 we produced 19 concerts, recording 5 master recording tapes, produced one video.

In 1994-95 we produced over 40 TV shows and have been on the air since July 1994. Since, through in-kind services and deferred payments on sales of products we have the studio and free air time through Federal Law and their cable company franchise agreement with the City of New York and cable companies. CMP has taken this opportunity to bring music to our community. Because CMP has always seen fine art as a part of our nations mental health problem in our community that we are very happy to participate in this type of project. Quality music and mental health are all part of the same family of activities.

To conclude: we have these programs: six performing groups, two albums, tape recordings, two TV Shows running weekly, concert promotion activities, 64 video shows, letter writing, social service projects and grant proposals outreach. We are trying to develop these efforts to the best of our ability.


We have all types of personnel and musicians that is a wide spectrum: Latino Americans, Black Americans, Asians Americans to name a few. We perform for all who ask us. We have no gender, race, or orientation by-laws. We operate on talent and ability format.

II. A. 4. Staff

 Greg Waters General Manager 15 years Full Time $55900

Paul Litrenta Researcher, Sales 4 years Part Time $11700

Maria Salas $16900 Office Help 10 years Part Time Other Staff to be hired.

Dean Pratt Business Adviser 4 years Part Time

 Dave Braynard Music and Business Adviser Part Time No Fee 2 years

Elected Staff Greg Waters, CEO, President, General Manager and Fiscal Officer 16 years

Paul Litrenta, Vice President 11 years

Maria Salas Waters, Secretary, 2 years


 II. A. 5. CMP's relationship with other organizations is very limited at present. We invite all to contact us and create a relationship.

However, we do reach out to our community and invite them to participate in our Children's Music Show. We have made contact from four other organizations, NYC District 7 Schools, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Our Local Public Library, and The New Puerto Rico Theater. We produced 7 shows with District 7; Four shows with Mt. Carmel Church and One Show with the New Puerto Rico Theater.

II. B. 2.

 Funds are requested for production and general operating support so we can continue to create programs.

Since our budget is very small we see no duplication of funds. The funds will be used for general operating expenses, TV productions, children's education, grant programs for children, musician's fees, production crew, equipment rental, equipment, advertising, supplies for production and marketing.

We have worked full time on developing an audience and constituency through the development of our TV Productions.

We sense ,because with The Music Show, CMP will have the greatest constituency. We plan to distribute our TV Shows and expand our market place. Having been professional performers for over 35 years, we know what is going on in the instrumental music business. We know The Music Show will bring the instrumental musician closer to the public and to diverse audiences. Without having these Music TV Shows would relegate the instrumental musicians to a mere background position of no real magnitude.

 Through our TV series we will be able to educate human beings and bring to their attention the many fine qualities that instrumental musicians have and to give substance to the general development of the whole community.

 The challenges facing us in these next few years are if we can get funding from the foundations, city, state, and federal government? We must get an economic base to really develop from a business viewpoint. We are a group of professional musicians who have known each other for 15 years working and performing in many different types of music venues in the New York area and world. We have come together to develop our talents and bring these to the attention of our community.

The costs of promotion, marketing, rehearsals, equipment, space, grants writing, accounting are all developing. We have music, musicians, professionalism and experience to present professional concerts and performances in our area. However, to keep the regular performing musician interested we must provide money and excellent jobs for them or they simply will move on, except for the few who stay with our goals and plans.

 We have been laboring to get other organizations and officials interested in our work and ideas to be discussed in other sections of this application.

The question of culturally diverse backgrounds is that we have Latin's, black's, eastern people, white people, and our music are culturally diverse because we perform American Music in Latin, jazz and classical forms of serious music. We do not know what could be more culturally diverse and more important for our community?

II. C. Evaluation Criteria We judge our projects by our managerial and fiscal competence in our team effort in producing the greatest of products and programs. The help and cooperation from our local community and the involvement of the total population relating and seeing our products are very critical for our development. Your comments and the community's comments are welcomed always. At our staff and board meetings the involvement of the board of directors in the policy and planning of the organization is so-

  E-Mail to Greg Waters

important to our development and is evaluation activities. The abilities to raise substantial funds from our supporters, the monitoring and refinement of our on going programs are just two important items for this criterion in the evaluation process and it will be done on a biweekly base at staff meetings. Because we produce TV Educational Shows are products are being judged every week by our community and ourselves.