The Shawn and Ben kidnapping is an example of great abuse. I asked why is not the kidnapping of a spouse just as serious?

Like I said, I do not know where my children are for 26 years? I asked why? What is wrong with this country and its laws?

I cannot believe how a woman can destroy not only a marriage but a family. The family court created this problem, but I can do nothing about this. On August 10, 2008 I finally made contact with my son after 27 years. We lost 27 years together.

Recently I spoke with two friends who cannot see their children because of the Mother's control from the courts. Why is the court system is so against men? I do not knowOnly Mothers know what it is like to have a baby for we men do not know. But it does give us a perspective different from a woman.

It is because legally in this country men have no rights to their children this is the law! How come no one tells men this before they get married?

So, my wish is for Mothers to better understand the man's perspective on being a Mother. Which for me is having the Mother's respect the man's opinion more. For it has been my experience with the women in my life that they do not take me too seriously, for the most part, when it comes to their lives and their children lives.

For if a child cannot get along with both parents how is that child going to have a happy relationship with their own spouse for it will always be a competition and not team work which is what a family is about. I have had very little team work in my life. I do not know what the answer is, but I do know it is a team working and it is not having two bosses in the same house. It is also respect for the spouse's wishes. But there is only one boss on each issue. How can we truly be great parents if the parents do not work together?

Like I said, I do not know where my children are for 26 years? I asked why? What is wrong with this country and its laws?

Why do Mother's destroy relationships is my thoughts for Mother's Day. For me they have too high opinion of who and what they are. The children suffer without both parents is my thought on Mother's day. I completely do not understand my own Mother's attitude; we are so far apart when it comes to love. We are not a team we just are two people being critical of one another. Somethings we must reject in our lives I know this, but where is the love? Why is insulting one another more important than the love? My thoughts on Mother's Day 2009

Greg Henry Waters. My divorce was mostly about the money for she wanted a new house, a new car, and to be an upper middle class Mother. She could not understand that it took 25 years for my parents to get a nice house in the suburbs. So, I only think it was about the money and how the lawyers want to keep men in court and let the lawyers exploit these poor men because they love their children. After one trip to the court with my lawyer and I found out he did not listen to my desires I let him go and defended myself. When I spoke to my son the first time (after 27 years) he was so negative against me and had all these ideas what an awful man I was. My two friends are getting the same thing from their wives they are awful men. What about awful women? The older I get the more respect I lose for women for me they mostly are awful selfish people even the great women are.
I personal believe that a woman who turns their children against their father should not have any rights to their children and if the courts take the children away from the Father I say men do not give the state or the wife any money. They just want to control your life with you having no rights to your own life.

Why do the religious orders keep women outside the power structure, the Jews, the Catholics the Moslem's. They must have wisdom that our system does not have. In Mexico the men are really the head of the house hold. Our country is sick when it comes to parental rights.
My relationship with my son is not growing, but staying the same with his Mother's attitude and excuses, she damaged him when he was young, and we are learning to know each other although it is taking more time than I would like it to be. So men, until the courts change forget about your children and do not send your wife money for that is all they care about for they do not have an ability to love.

After dealing or trying to deal with my son for almost a year here is his message to me. It is so full of hate and superior attitude and how he looks down at me as a loser. Such is the behavior of a son who never got to know his Father.

Any man can impregnate a woman. all that does is make one the biological father. yes , are you are my biological father. i'm sad to say it, but thats all you are to me. any real father would not say the things that you do. i tried to give this a chance. your pain and hurt is obviously too great for you to act in any real or rational manner. grow up, wake up, whatever you need to do. take your head out of your ass and realize that you created this situation. Tomoko was a victim of your abuse. Currently , i am a victim of your verbal abuse and inability to think as a rational person. your are out of your mind. if you ever want to change your attitude let me know. until then, if you ever harass anybody that I know, it's not gonna work out in your favor. capiche? Takuya Waters June 24 at 1:54am Report Message no actually, if you fuck with anybody that I know, it's not gonna be pretty for you. you don't deserve to know me . fuck you and the horse you rode in on you stupid piece of shit. i'll kick your sorry, pathetic ass back to china. don't ever fuck with me again. i can honestly say that I never needed you in my life and I am grateful that I didn't have to deal with your dumb ass. your such an idiot, go fuck yourself you loser, crybaby, victim. Send me e-mail

Useless letter to my ungrateful children!

My heart is still heavy from my divorce some 25 years ago. When I read about this Anna Nicole and Son drama, he taking pills and all kinds of medicine and died, and she would not let access to the real father! If he had a real father in his life he could have been a stronger person. Remember, Abe Lincoln and Ben Franklin had terrible family lives, with deaths, un-loving children, sick wives, mental illness and etc. The big issue is! Do not let this damage your self-image. This is what a woman can do to you. She will try to destroy you mentally. Last night on TV they had an advertisement about battered women, what about battered men, lost children, men going off to war. Men,we have to take back our dignity. If Ben and Abe had problems; we can have them too. The problem is we get sucked in to a terrible situation that we end up having no control over. I kept asking myself what did I do wrong? I married the wrong woman is the answer. I did nothing wrong.

I thought I must say something about my divorce and evil that this has given me. Tomoko Sakata, "Robert" I believe is her name now.

Why are woman allowed so much freedom when it comes to their children. After all they cannot have children without a man. What gives them more rights than a man? This is a story on how not to get divorced. I hope by reading these pages and if you are a male and in a custody fight it will give insight to divorce and its legal and emotional problems within this situation.

I got divorced a second time and did not have any of these problems, but my partner was a much better woman too. So the moral feeling of the spouse is so important.

My wife Tomoko got married two more times and both marriages turned out bad. She is alone now and deserves to be. It just goes to show how wrong the courts were about me with all her lies about who I am as a man.

Now that I am a mature man and see things a lot clearer and have much more experience about children and women. It is a wonder why things are as they are! There are a lot of good web sites about this subject

But this site is dedicated to changing the laws in custody fights. have equal rights when it comes to our children. And it should not be based on money either. We must lobby in congress to change the law so woman cannot just run off when they want to. We Have an up hill battle because of all the men smashing; tonight: on CBS there is a program about men abuse against women. When are we going to see a show about women abusing men?

We get from women. Like they do nothing wrong. It is proven that women cause 50% of the family violence in the home or more. It is not a one sided issue like they would have you think. Tomoko attacked me many times both verbally and physically to get me out of the house. I did not fall for it so when I was gone she when to the Stutzman's summer home in New Jersey. I could not understand this! Please send me e-mail to contribute your thoughts. E-Mail to Greg Henry Waters

I have not seen or known my children for over 26 years. Criminals have more rights to their children than I do. Let us stop having women abusing men! Tomoko Sakata is an excellent example of this. <---Look at an evil woman! Greg Henry Waters

This is my Holocaust!

I found my son and daughter in August of 2008.

It was an awful conversation and a great awakening to my situation. The conversation was so disrespectful that I came to the conclusion to communicate with such children can only harm my life. I decided that I will write letters to calm down the situation. Their Mother did a number on them and they blame me or became indifferent to my life. Even at 32 and 34 years old. Fathers out there please never give up hope even if you have to wait 27 years. The damage your x-wife did can be overcome if you have contact with them. (Search for Co-Parenting with Your Ex) They can create problems that a man has no control over. Dr. Phil says, "Divorce court is an evil in our society."
For our personal relationship might get destroyed, our children might go off, our marriages get destroyed and damage our lives for many years, but like my Father said, they can take everything from you but your education. My first wife left me with 50 dollars and no place to live. I lived in my car for two weeks. I haven't seen my children for 27 years. I am still here. It is amazing how many women use the children to try to destroy their x-husbands. I am watching a celebrity divorce program as I write this letter. Needless to say my attitude towards Mother's is not very positive and I think the world would be a better place if we had better Mother's. My brother brought up his three boys by himself. Dr. Phil just said the courts destroy families more than they help and is a dangerous place for families to end up. They destroyed my family. He is so right.

It all was such a waste for me and my efforts. When I found out my children had no emotional feelings for my suffering over so many years really changed my attitude. Now I am really free and strong. My children had no idea what the absense from my life cause such loss. Why did I spend so much time worrying about them when all they could do was accuse me of wrong doing.

The courts and laws kept me away from my children. They are evil places as far as I am concerned. My children lives are damaged because of it and my life too. But for them they feel their lives are normal. Divorce is a game for the courts and lawyers and they make money and take power over our lives. They are evil places and people use them to destroy families.
Tak and Akiko I am sick over this and you two don't give a damn. What kind of people are you? For me, you are an insult to my life. Your Father! I would love to be wrong about this.

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My children's names are Takuya Greg Waters and
Akiko Jennifer Waters.

Tomoko Robert

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