The Death of Music in the 20th Century!

A Composer of Art Music and The Dark Age of Music”

by Greg Henry Waters

Greg Henry Waters NYC 2007
Copyrighted c 2007 by Greg Henry Waters

Published by Mission Press NYC
690 E 189th Street Suite #5G
Bronx, NY 10458

Cost of the PDF is 14 dollars! Mailed to your e-mail, 235 pages of reflection. This is not a story book but a serious of thoughts: Music, Musicians, Bio., Spiritual Work, Reviews, China Experience, Mexican Experience, Musical Thought, Culture and Art!

Prelude This book is mainly about the creative process of an artist whether a musician, writer, painter, businessman or runner. It is about the process of growing and learning to be a human being in a world where there are so few people who even ask the question.


Prelude p2
Introduction p3

Review from a friend, John p5
About Music p5

About Greg p6
Chapter I The Brass Conference Article p8

Chapter II Last Job in Acapulco p17
Chapter III Lectures 1977 and 1988 p22

Chapter IV Musical Groups p37
Chapter V The Saxophone, Stan Getz p44

Chapter VI Life is Love p47
Chapter VII Instrumental Music, Listen, Internet Radio p47

Chapter VIII Creative Music Productions Inc. p49
Chapter IX Bill Whited Orchestra and the Big Band Jazz p56

Chapter X Greg's Compositions and CDS p61
Chapter XI Big Band Jazz Plus, BMI p71

Chapter XII Music from China by GHW p75
Chapter XIII Musical Groups Reviewed by GHW p80

Chapter XIV Dialog with Ray and Greg p86

Chapter XV Yoga is the Spiritual Side of Music p89
Chapter XVI More on More Songs from China p90

Chapter XVII Talk Talk Talk So Much, WHY? P93
Chapter XVIII Fine Art, What is Fine Art? P97

Chapter XIX Jazz Educational Institutions p105
Chapter XX What is Jazz? P107

Chapter XXI Music without Musicians! P111

Chapter XXII Big Band Music with Dean and Mike p117
Chapter XXIII Letter to the Governor p126

Chapter XXIV Personal Quotes from all over! P132
Chapter XXV Being on a Ship as a working musician! P135

Chapter XXVI List of Compositions at the AMC p141
Chapter XXVII Beyond Music, USA Politics, George Bush p142

Chapter XXVIII Reviews and Opinions about Musicians I know p159
Chapter XXVIV Mediocrity, We have so much of it! P182

Chapter XXX Hong Kong, Reviews, Shenzhen, China p188
Chapter XXXI Women in the Arts p191

Chapter XXXII Classical Concert in Shenzhen p197
Chapter XXXIV Yoga and Music by Yogananda p198

Chapter XXXV Letters, Everyday Life p206
Chapter XXXVI Women a difficult topic! P224

Chapter XXXVII Writing, the art of writing! P228
Chapter XXXVIII Think Tank Review p231

Chapter XXXIX Real Culture and Beauty p233
Chapter XXXX Conclusion, Index and Photo p235

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What is a human being? It almost is an impossible question. To be is to be divine. This is an aged old problem which faces all human kind from the beginning of time. These problems face both men and women so there are evil selfish men in the world and also evil selfish women.

The reason for writing my book is to present to the public the life of a real artist in our times. The purpose and goal of it is to hopefully clear some of this misunderstanding between the commercial music business, earning a living in music, creating music that one can respect and to separate real art music from entertainment music. The entertainment industry for me destroys the laws of pure music and its divine function; because entertainment music main purpose is to create income for the investors and not to create fine art for the public. I wrote a lecture and composed a concert for it and called it Creativity and the Artist (1977). This was the beginning of my writing career. I had no idea that many years later that I would write another lecture concert after living in New York for many years called the Dark Age of Music (1988) which I also wrote music for. This was due to the fact that I could not express myself in music and earn a living. If I wanted to earn a living I would have to follow the rules of the commercial community, but I had this desire to express the truth according to Greg Henry Waters. Writing and music became the same vision and creative outlet.

The author goes into politics, religion, family life and more. It is some times a biography.

I would say it is not a happy reflection of life. We are ruled by the ignorant not by the wise.
Are we free to choose? What is a human being? It almost is an impossible question. To be is to be divine. No one understands this! PDF File 235 Pages!